Friday, September 06, 2013

THE L WORD: Loitering + Other Tidbits From A Reader

From our comments section today:
The police cannot enforce any loitering on the public sidewalk.
If the offenders block the front entry to a business, the agent for the business can sign complaints for a disorderly conduct.
Disorderly Conduct 8-4-010 (f) remains in the public way in a manner that blocks access to a commercial establishment, after being asked to clear the entrance by the person in charge of such establishment
If these criminals sit on the front steps of a business(bar) and don't leave, the owners/bouncers/managers can sign complaints for trespassing. It's only a misdemeanor and the offender will probably by released in 6-8 hrs but if this happens again and again, they will get the message. The police alone cannot lock them up, they need a victim so sign complaints. Make sure to make it abundantly clear that you want to sign complaints. 
If one of these thugs bumps you on the sidewalk, sign complaints for battery. You don't have to be injured. There are two different kinds of battery. one for physical contact, and one for injuries. 
These thugs don't visit the bars/stores. They run back to Center to hide, and then when the police approach them, they claim they are being picked for cross dressing or sexual orientation. I personally witnessed an "advocate" outside the center the other day telling three individuals that the police are picking on them by arresting them (for actual crimes). The so called advocate then told them how to "beat their case" by making a complaint against the arresting officer.
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  1. This is what COH's Tom Elliot said on ABC News:
    "I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services." He needs to be called out for the fraud that he is. I guarantee he is trying to protect his large salary while not caring at all about the damage the Center is causing to the surrounding area!

  2. Too bad some of the instances can't be documented.

  3. You mean the Center helps their clients file complaints against OUR police officers AND the Center helps its clients clear their criminal histories? This sounds like a story that should be pursued.

  4. Mr. Eliot moved to Chicago less than a year ago. He has zero historical knowledge on what's been happening.

  5. Huh. Mr. Elliot and his charges must be getting schooled from the former employees and associates of the 46th Ward. They were very good at educating their breathen to file ficticious complaints against the officers that worked in that area.

  6. speaking of loitering, I just (ten minutes ago) pulled out of the underground lot under whole foods with my 11 year old in the car and, surprise! The COH "patients" are on the ground fighting with a guy who had been pulling into the garage. After the COH "underserved youth" got the losing end of the fight, COH security came and told the COH fighter and the 10 or so other excited youths to "get out of here". The fighter took him up on that offer, and rode off on his bike laughing our loud (I'm not making any of this up, though you'd think I was) as I pulled onto waveland. I called the center and asked who was in charge, and the condescending person who answered told me they had it under control and had a description of the attacker. I told her that they should have more than a description, they should have the actual attacker, but they told him to leave - likely so the crime couldn't be tied to COH. She told me many times she understood my frustration, and I said if you have children and a home here and dislike violent people, you may well understand, but I'm not getting that from you. Summary: If there's a crime, have your security clear the area, then call the cops. Cleaner that way. I'd be surprised if a police report comes out of this -- I hope the good folks here at CWB can do their magic to see how the incident was represented, if at all.

  7. Indeed, officers did respond to two calls of between two and several people fighting in the Whole Foods parking lot at 7:15 tonight. A victim, if any, could not be found so there will not be a report.

    Thanks for posting the additional information, Anonymous. That round out the picture a bit.

  8. Just as a follow up, they must not have looked very hard for the victim. He was out of his truck in the driveway headed down into the lot. His glasses were smashed in the driveway and he was collecting pieces. Glad to know it never happened!

  9. Another great example of why crime is "down 20%" this year. BS.

  10. To the Whole Foods commenter: I live a 5 minute walk from Whole Foods in Boystown and rent a zip car to drive to North/Clyborne so I don't have to put up with it. The store itself is literally violent and I am scared to walk in or out of it.

  11. There are a number of people who use the public spaces of the Center, but who are not using the services there. Many of the people loitering outside do so because they are not allowed inside. Just because a criminal is trans does not mean they are "from" the Center.

  12. Anonymous said...
    Just because a criminal is trans does not mean they are "from" the Center.
    Good point, Anonymous. CWB has no "proof" of this, but our general feeling amongst ourselves is that many criminals dress in drag as a a good old-fashioned disguise to evade capture, nothing more.

    After a theft, robbery, beating, etc, it takes very little time to rip off a wig slip on some track pants and pull on a hoodie. In less than 30 seconds, a woman with long brown hair, shorts, and a tank top
    becomes a man with a buzz cut, track pants and a hoodie.

    1. Well put CWB your post highlights the difficulty that law enforcement has to deal with because the offenders know the game and how to change appearances very quickly. Another tactic is to work in groups, one commits the crime, runs to accomplice passes off the proceeds and continues on. If they are stopped by officers they act innocent and have no proceeds which often leads to difficulty with charges even if picked out by the victim

  13. True transgender individuals have enough issues to deal with from society, the last thing on their mind is committing crimes.

    The cross dressers polluting the neighborhood are thugs, pure and simple. They should even be referred to as trans because they are just human debris cross dressing as cover for their illegal acts.

  14. All,
    These statistics and reports are helpful, even entertaining, but...
    Until the loop in logic is closed there will be no real change.
    To spell it out: Tom Tunney Must Go!
    The combination of social services: COH, 2 "youth shelters" and the "Crib", etc. + Tom's fanciful view of these elements mixing in the community along with his 'social conscience' + his WHOLESALE sell out of the neighborhood to developers + the cubs = the PROBLEM which is Tom Tunney. Being gay is NOT enough. Say goodbye to Tom or keep living with the problem.