Thursday, September 26, 2013

$tarbuck$: Punks Swipe Phone, Sell It Back To Victim

Here's a unique twist on cell phone theft. Three offenders stole a victim's cell phone at the Starbucks on Diversey at Clark/Broadway around 6:15 Wednesday evening.

Then, in a bizarre turn of events, one of the thieves offered to sell the back phone to their victim for $60.

Remarkably, the victim agreed to the deal!

The offenders, last seen westbound on Diversey, are described as:

1-male, black, 5'8" tall, shaved head, black long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans

2-male, black, 5'7" tall, gray t-shirt, a gold chain, and shorts.

3-no description given


  1. I can't even wrap my mind around this one.

  2. It's called desperation. They knew they wouldn't get it back otherwise. Cops won't be there to help, the victim can't hold 3 offenders alone, and those phone cost too much to replace.

  3. He's lucky he didnt lose his phone + $60!

  4. Damaammmnnn - dont even know where to go with that! ...and its starting even earlier now! yay!

    Love the picture, BTW ;) We certainly could use her with the bracelets and magic lasso.

  5. If someone steals your phone or any other item that belongs to you FIGHT BACK DON'T F*ING PAY THEM! Scream bloody murder, kick, punch, claw... whatever you have to do. Do not give in to these savages.

  6. Murray Gell-MannSep 26, 2013, 1:34:00 PM

    I'm saying, if you have enough time to negotiate buying back your phone, wouldn't you have enough time to summon help while these guys were waiting around after they took your phone?

  7. How much does it cost to buy your phone back these days? I live in the area and expect mine to be stolen one day and would buy it back too.

  8. My phone was stolen. Deductible plus SD card cost over $200.00

  9. A .44 magnum revolver in the hands of the victim, pointed at these mutts would have been an excellent way to commence negotiations.

  10. Here is a tip. If your phone gets stolen or even "lost" and someone offers to meet you to sell it back to you, contact the police! I know for a fact they can send out a plain clothes unit to pose as the victim and wait for the seller. Then, when the deal is done and the mope is arrested, SIGN A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT! They were holding your property hostage, that is theft!

  11. Anonymous said...

    They were holding your property hostage, that is theft!
    Indeed, Anonymous. Interestingly, the responding officer twice referred to the crime as an "attempted theft." We'll see if/how it is recorded in the reports.

    But, this is a clear-cut theft.

  12. He probably saw that it was an iPhone4 and decided he'd rather have cash than the phone. He's saving up for the gold iPhone5.