Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SNOOZER: Cornelia Capers; Puppy Alert

Tuesday gave us another calm night in the neighborhood. It just feels so, uh, 2003 around here!

What's Up On Cornelia?
One item of note: A report of 5 men fighting on the corner of Cornelia and Fremont around 8 o'clock last night. That's notable because almost exactly 24 hours before, police responded to a fight on Cornelia and Reta, one block away. This is the same block of Cornelia where a man was jumped, beaten, and robbed last week.

Missing Puppy
The district was so slow last night, a dispatcher even had time to tell officers about a missing puppy. An 11-month old half-pit bull/half-golden retriever ran away from home near Clark and Belmont. "He's very friendly and has all of his shots," according to the owner's report.

Drunks Ahoy!
Several people seem to have their calendars mixed up. We've heard of "Sunday Funday," but this was Tuesday Boozeday:

7:52PM: Homeless drunk in the church parking lot 728 W. Belmont.

9:19PM: A report of 5 men beating up one in the 700 block of Barry. Officers arrive and say that no one was beaten up. Rather, a drunk had fallen down and was bleeding. An ambulance took the man to Illinois Masonic and officers filed an "injury to citizen on the public way" report under case HW465906.

11:30PM: Drunk down in the bank parking lot at Halsted and Belmont. Officers arrived and apparently healed the man who suddenly regained the ability to walk on his own.

11:52PM: A drunk who "can barely walk" is reported in the 500 block of Stratford.

12:44AM: A drunk is punched in the face near Clark and Addison. Officers arrive. The man refuses police services and takes a cab home.

1:45AM: Man sleeping in the flower bed, 1200 W. Waveland.

2:02AM: Woman passed out behind the wheel of a gray Honda Accord at Belmont and Broadway.

2:08AM: A drunk "keeps falling out of his chair" at a fast food joint in the 3900 block of Broadway.

2:25AM: Security at the Belmont and Broadway Walgreens calls for help after a drunk gets violent and starts throwing things around the store.


  1. Will these incidents become less frequent now that the last of the Cubs night games are done?

  2. Thank goodness Cubs season is almost over. Last night was their last home night game and today is their last day game. That should help our police a lot not to have to focus all there time on 1 private business instead of on our community.

    I hope the poor puppy gets found

  3. As I've noted before, I'm always happy to read about drunks beating each other up instead of people being threatened with their life by armed robbers. Let's hope that the guys they caught last week were in fact the ones who were commiting much of the thuggery around here.

    1. The party two weekends' arrests are good news. Unfortunately, there are plenty more around. A mistake that has been made before is believing district spun that "we caught some guys, do it should get better now." Our problem was not caused by 4 or 6 people.

  4. You know, I hate to sound like Scrooge, but did you ever think that fundraisers here in our community feed the very hands that are biting us, such as the Night Ministry and the Crib? I think it's time NOT to contribute to any institution who is harming the neighborhood.

  5. I want that puppy! LOL

  6. man drunk in flower bed priceless lol..