Sunday, September 01, 2013

SMILE: Robbery Near Mayor's House In View of Police Camera

We often hear concerned citizens ask for more police cameras to be installed in the area. CWB is not a fan of police cameras. They are not monitored in real-time, their footage is rarely consulted after crimes occur, and their presence doesn't keep criminals at bay.

Here's an example in an image we took from Bing maps:

This is the corner of Hermitage and Cullom, a half-block north of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home. Notice the pod camera hanging off of the street light? Now look across the street where those mailboxes are on the left.

THIS robbery with a handgun that we  told you about 10 days ago took place by those mailboxes, in full view of the police camera.

Can you imagine the things that camera at Belmont and Sheffield has seen? How about the one at Belmont and Clark?
Hell, even the giant macaroni noodle at Wrigley Field,
which was smack dab underneath a blue light box, was victimized on-camera.

Keep the cameras. We'll take cops.


  1. Millions of dollars wasted on technology that is never used for its intended thwart crime by catching criminals in the act.

  2. Of course, this is just a "perception" of a robbery...

  3. More proof that cameras accomplish nothing. Nothing at all. I can only imagine the number of people beaten, robbed, stabbed and shot under a police camera. A useless tool to STOP the crime but maybe advantageous later to investigators.

  4. not even an advantage for investigators. no one is monitoring them, and they are not recorded. it's all smoke and mirrors, and a hefty contract for a connected company.

  5. Please stop reminding me of the macaroni toppling incident, it's too early to overcome the PTSD I still have over this.