Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SHAKA AND AWE: Spear-Wielding Man Gets Noticed

A police officer reported an unusual sight in the 400 block of Diversey yesterday morning: A man standing on the corner looking "like something out of a movie. He has a stick in his hand and he's half naked."

The police dispatcher seemed to know exactly what the officer was talking about. "At Cannon [Drive] and Diversey? The man with a large spear and no clothing? I was just about to send [a police unit]
there….Maybe they're filming a movie. Transformers? Do they dress that way?"

"We're getting lots of calls now," the dispatcher said at 9:45AM, "Caller reports a man wearing only a loin cloth, a necklace, and carrying a giant spear. Walking westbound."

Attempts to converse with the spear-wielding man didn't go very far, according to the officer. "I ask questions. He doesn't respond. He just looks at me and shakes his stick…He looks like something out of that movie, Shaka Zulu."

Moments later, a female officer arrived on scene and she was able to strike up a conversation.

"Oh," the male officer said, "he talks to her, but he just looks at me like I'm crazy."

The female officer was able to coax the man into the back seat of her vehicle for a short ride to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Well done, officers.