Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ROCKY ROAD: I Was Robbed And Forced Into The Basement, Ice Cream Shop Worker says

An ice cream shop was robbed by an offender who may have been armed with a handgun, according to an employee who said he was forced into the store's basement.

Police raced to the Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store, 3055 N. Sheffield, around 10:30 Monday morning after a woman reported that the employee called and said that he was afraid to go back upstairs after being forced into the basement.

The alleged offender took the store's cash and fled out the back door.

The offender is a dirty-looking male, white in his early 20's, 6' to 6'2" tall, medium build, with a Mohawk hair style that is buzzed on the sides and slightly longer on the top part. The offender wore a blue sweatshirt and dark sweatpants.

Officers combed the area, paying special attention to homeless hangouts under the L tracks, without success.

The case was preliminarily logged as an armed robbery with a handgun because the employee may have seen the barrel of a firearm protruding from the assailant's sweatshirt. CPD case HW444072.


  1. Why would the victim call a friend instead of 911? Something is fishy about this story...

    1. We thought that, too, Anonymous. It seems he was worried that the offender was still in the store. possibly afraid that things could get worse if the thug saw cops arriving? Hard to know.

  2. Jeff on BuckinghamSep 10, 2013, 11:29:00 AM

    Yes, fishy. Hopefully the truth will be revealed. Wonder if the place has security cameras??? If so, how about another bulletin from the police?

    1. The store has at least four cameras, including the back entrance.

  3. 911 is a joke!

  4. That "Rocky Road" headline is mint!

  5. I've, knock on wood, not been in this situation. But, I would hope that others would not rush to judgement on my reaction and how I responded.

    Perhaps, the store clerk was terrified to speak into a phone and be heard? Perhaps, he/she sent a frantic text to a friend instead?

    I googled and learned that CPD says, in case of emergency call 911 that TXT2TIP is not emergency response.

    I would suspect if you were fearing for your life, assuming someone was still in the building, you wouldn't want to have to have to shriek at a 911 operator. Even it it wasn't shrieking, in that moment, I bet it would feel like you had a megaphone attached to a stadium speaker system.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Even it it wasn't shrieking, in that moment, I bet it would feel like you had a megaphone attached to a stadium speaker system.
    Agreed, Anonymous. When the pressure and fear are ratcheted up, humans respond in different ways.

  7. Why not call 911 but not speak? You hear calls like that all the time on the scanner.
    I do agree that 911 operators can be trying. In the few times I have called to reort drunk drivers, ribbery or suspicious poeple it has been frustrating at best to explain. I once called because the kids next door were smoking a bong on thier roof and it was drifting into my windows (or I otherwise would not care) the operatir said are you dure it's a bong? Are you sure they are outside?