Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PEACEFUL, UN-EASY FEELING: Neighborhood Thugs Take A Chill Pill

Every time in the past that we've comment about how peaceful things have been, the whole neighborhood blows up within 24 hours. Surely, that won't happen this time.

Gosh, it's been peaceful the past couple of nights. Even a woman who passed out on a Belmont Avenue bench with her iPhone dangling from her hand didn't get robbed. A citizen called 911 and the police helped her. That's crazy talk...refreshing, but crazy!

One alleged robbery was reported early Monday. A man told police that was jumped by two men behind the 3700 block of N. Broadway at 5:33 yesterday morning. The victim lost $20 in the incident and refused EMS.

The offenders, described as two Hispanic men between 5'8" and 6'2" tall wearing black hoodies and blue jeans were last seen running eastbound.

No report filed.

Hair of The Dog (and the teeth and claws, too) 
Two drunks fighting at the Belmont Red Line at 1AM Monday got a bit of a surprise. A security officer's canine was either released or got loose and jumped in on the action. One offender was arrested for simple battery under case #HW464551.

Poster Child
Things don't always end this way: At 2:15 Monday morning, a woman was seen passed out on a bench at 1040 W. Belmont with an iPhone in her hand. Police assisted.