Saturday, September 21, 2013

NOT FUNNY: Three Robbed, One Pistol-Whipped By Gunman In Clown Mask

The Northalsted Business Alliance announced that its 2013 Halloween Parade theme will be "Twisted Circus," and local thugs are already in the spirit.

Three offenders, one in a clown mask and two others possibly in ski masks, robbed three victims at gunpoint in a single incident outside of 3125 N. Clifton this morning.

Two men and one woman were robbed and one of the male victims was pistol-whipped in the attack, according to police reports.

911 was first alerted to the incident when a victim called from the 7-Eleven store at 1153 W. Belmont, at 2:45 this morning.

That victim, originally described as "uncooperative," changed their tune and decided to work with officers.

Three phones, a watch, wallets, and a passport were taken in the robbery, which was carried out by offenders with the following descriptions:
#1-male, black, wearing a clown mask and black hoodie
#2-male, black, gray hoodie
#3-male, black
Chicago Police Department case #HW460672


  1. Why are they taking people's keys? Have they been attempting to access someone's building/home after they robbed them?

  2. Halloween is going to be a nightmare with the thugs wearing costumes to hide their faces!

  3. If it was a clown, it must have been Tunney!

  4. I went to bed last night listening to the sounds of police sirens racing down Halsted and Broadway, I woke up just a few minutes ago listening still to the souns of Police sirens traveling a great distance across the area. Even now, the sound of sirens in the distance is all I hear. Where do I live? I'm tired of hearing sirens racing. My neighborhood is not supposed to be this way.

  5. I started tweeting to tom Tunney twitter account.

  6. Get use to it. We're becoming the new Detroit. Inept politicians who only care about getting re-elected. A broken budget year after year w/only the mayor's TIF fund holding any cash reserves, a sinking credit rating-in a state that is bankrupt in all but name only. Like in a 60's western movie the Indians are over running the fort but unfortunately there is no Calvary to ride to the rescue. We are on our own, you can only expect to pay higher property taxes in the future for "the sake of the children" as the Rahmfather likes to say all the time.... Vote them ALL OUT in 2015!

  7. We are also very much like Detroit in that we will continue to vote the same failed clowns into office. What's that saying about insanity....!

  8. At this point we have the right to demand that the (CPD) Swat team starts runnning foot patrols through Wrigleyville/Boystown. What are they going to do, wait for a citizen to be killed in one of these armed robberies ? These are ARMED OFFENDERS, there should be heavily armed Police Officers on foot in these areas !

  9. As a person who lived in Detroit I often tell people I see early sign of Chicago turning into Detroit they think I am crazy. This is exactly why people quit going on in the Detroit city limits and fled to the Detroit burbs everyone was getting robbed and mugged. Daley will be our Coleman Young as will Rahm.

  10. Hate to say it but no swat teams will be forthcoming until someone gets shot dead & even then they'll still be stretched thin covering the war zones that are the south& west sides.

  11. Hey who is the Bozo in Charge of this District that he lets this happen Every night. Maybe the news crews need to come here late at night and show the public what really is happening here after dark, they will say " I can't believe that is Lakeview, or Wrigleyville or even Boystown, I always thought they were nice places to live. Be safe walk in packs or take cabs even a few blocks it's scary out there with no law.

    1. Emanuel and his inept police department are only interested in letting the savages do what they want in exchange for votes.

  12. It's about time we vote for a real law and order mayor, not a liberal liar like Emanuel who enables and justifies the problems. Fioretti is the man. And Tunney has to go.

  13. There's no relief coming in the form of more cops. Everything will go to the battle the murder plague on the south and west sides...we're only robberies, after all. With Chicago named the murder capital of the country, all efforts will go to those two locations with what's left over protecting the mag mile.

    I hate to say it, but the only way we'll see some real attention is if a few Cubs fans get shot...then the Ricketts family will demand some action.

    As far as the media goes, they want access to the politicians, so they'll tow the line. Look no further than the fluff piece Channel 7 did.