Monday, September 30, 2013

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS: 3 Robberies In 25 Minutes This Morning; One Victim Struck With Hammer

UPDATE 1 OCTOBER 2013: The Chicago Police Department has now issued two community alerts related to the following incidents.

About seven men jumped out of a car, hit a man in the leg with a hammer, grabbed him by the neck, and stripped him of his valuables at 12:30 this morning.

That's just one of three area robberies that were reported within a 25-minute period overnight.

Robbery #1 12:24AM, Cornelia at Racine
A Wrigleyville woman reported that her roommate was kicked in the head by an offender who fled eastbound on Newport Avenue toward Clark Street.

The offender, either a black woman or a black man dressed as a woman, was about 25 years old, had shoulder-length hair, and wore an orange hoodie with white writing on it and black leggings.

Taken in the robbery were a medium-sized black Marc Jacobs purse, an iPhone 4S, and the victim's wallet, which contained about $60.

Chicago Police Department case #HW472997.

Robbery #2 12:41AM, Seminary between Wellington and Barry
A 911 caller reported that their male roommate had been jumped by six or seven teenaged offenders. The victim was struck in the leg with a hammer and held by the neck while his valuables were taken away.

The hammer was wielded by a Hispanic male, about 6-feet tall, 150 pounds, wearing a dark gray hoodie. All of the other robbers were described as black males about 19 years of age. One of the teens wore a white jacket.

The gang fled the area southbound on Seminary, possibly in a silver 4-door car.

Taken in the robbery were the victim's wallet, phone, iPod, and keys.

Chicago Police Department case #HW473019.

Robbery #3 (Purse-Snatching) 12:49AM, Belmont and Broadway
A robbery offender fled through this parking lot to the alley overnight.
A woman's white/gray Marilyn Monroe wallet, which contained about $60, was taken by a black man who was dressed as a woman.

The offender is further described as being about 6-feet tall, dark complected, and wearing a red tank top and dark boots.

After taking the woman's wallet, the offender fled through a parking lot next to the Merlo library and then continued running toward Halsted Street.

A dark vehicle, possibly an older model Nissan Altima may have been involved in the crime.

The case is classified as a theft/purse-snatching Chicago Police Department case #HW473018.

Additional Reports
In addition to the attacks confirmed above, 911 received a call of a woman screaming for help in an alley near Wellington and Pine Grove at 1:08AM. It is not known if officers made contact with anyone. CWB reports this because the location is in the general area of this morning's other three crimes

Also, a 19th district officer took a strong arm robbery report under case HW473090 at 4:54 this morning. The location and details of this incident are not yet known.


  1. "...had been jumped by six or seven teenaged offenders."

    "...was taken by a male, black who was dressed as a woman."

    "The offender, either a female, black or a male, black dressed as a woman, was about 25 years old"

    At CAPS meetings, from the aldermen and their assistants even from one of the Halsted bar owners we hear that these people are coming here "to enjoy the neighborhood." I along with several neighbors attended a Lakeview Citizens' Council board meeting earlier in the summer, and after a ponderous amount of time spent on Sausage Fest and new rules for appointing committee members the topic of crime briefly came up, and we were told that this is the area "these "kids need to come." Well "these Kids" (term used very loosely) who are robbing and mugging with impunity have been lured up here by institutions that are making a lot of money off of this. Look no further than the Night Ministry's six figure salaries that were reported in a a comment posted on this blog. I mentioned that information to someone and he suggested looking into The Center's salaries because they're even higher than TNM's.

    I've said this all along...if you want to solve this problem then sniff out the money. Find out where it's coming from and whose pockets it's going into.

  2. Ninja Kuboton keychain. After 9 years in Lakeview I'm finally out of state, but, for the last few years I never walked my dog without having that keychain, in my front right pocket, ready to go in a second.

    Look folks, it's cast iron, it's legal in Illinois, and it costs less than $10 and is easily concealable. You are doing yourselves a disservice walking around "naked".

    Good luck.....

  3. Hopelessly Frustrated from BoystownSep 30, 2013, 9:18:00 AM

    I want to believe that Boystown is a safe neighborhood, but as a CWB reader I know that my neighborhood is, in fact, riddled with crime. I consider myself a hyper vigilant concerned citizen when I leave my home and assure that anything considered of "street value" such as my iPhone and cash are well hidden but I know that this alone will not protect me from being robbed, battered, or worse. Yet, that is all that I can control aside from becoming a shut in and never leaving my house, but wait robbers do tend to break in a home every now and again so where does that leave me? Feeling hopelessly frustrated that our streets are overrun with those committing crimes rather than the other way around which would be those stopping said crime. What will it take to see more cops on the street? I have never seen foot patrol walking between Addison and Belmont on either Halsted or Broadway. A few times I have seen squad cars with either cops filling out reports or speaking with community members however these rare occasions don't come close to the police presence I need to feel safe.

  4. The problem with the Ninja keychain in your pocket is if you sit down wrong it can puncture your scrotum.

  5. My God are we not safe here at all anymore? Are the police going to keep letting us get robbed and beaten? This is going on every night can they not get more officers to patrol these streets to keep us safe here anymore. Does the Mayor know what happens in this district that he lives in?

  6. Boystown is not safe and it worse than it's been since the 80's or 90's. We always had crime but nothing like this. But then again we always had officers too.

  7. WE really do need this bike unit working here till 5am riding up and down Halsted and Clark and Belmont and also some foot patrol walking up and down the sidewalks. How long how many more robberies and victims getting beaten will it take. Please help us here.

  8. Anonymous said...
    Boystown is not safe and it worse than it's been since the 80's or 90's. We always had crime but nothing like this. But then again we always had officers too.
    Hi Anonymous,

    We can't speak for the 1980s, but a couple of CWB editors have lived in the neighborhood since the early '90s. They are supremely confident that the neighborhood was safer then. It's too bad the city doesn't release beat level statistics from before 2000. We would love to publish them

  9. "Does the Mayor know what happens in this district that he lives in?"----------------Not if YOU don't tell him. All the anger and frustration HAS to leave the world of CWB and end up on his desk. ALL OF US have to let the mayor know we're fed up with this shit.

  10. We need to start linking up with our neighbors in Portage Park and Lincoln Park too--the north side of Chicago needs a MASS picket/protest...maybe that will get some attention to our side of the city!

  11. To the armed scumbag crackhead who robbed my boyfriend Saturday morning(on his way to work) I say this: Concealed Carry is coming, and the two of us will be first in line - and we know what neighborhood you live in.

  12. The Mayor doesn't care about crime in his neighborhood or any other because he has a full staff of armed guards to take him around from bubble to bubble. He'll only care if it has an impact on city revenues - which is why people need to be boycotting businesses on Halsted until the place is cleaned up. No money for the mayor's pet projects or the local bars to fund their vodka protests will = action and more police.

  13. How about setting up a "dry night" one of these upcoming Saturdays in which those really concerned with the problem don't go out Saturday night in boystown and ask family members or friends that frequent boystown to do the same . If there is really that much discontent I'm sure it'll have a great impact . If this could be done to a greater scale in which not just the people that live in the neighborhood participate but others as well. Businesses will surely realize the impact on a Saturday night in which I'm
    Sure is their busiest night ... It can be done if organized

  14. I like the idea of organizing a dry night/boycott night of Boystown. Put up signs, walk around (in groups) handing out flyers about it, educating people about the severity of the situation. The businesses in the area should understand that they should help be part of the solution, otherwise they're just part of the problem. I'm in - let's organize it.

  15. Life Long Chicagoan is Sick of This CrapOct 1, 2013, 8:58:00 PM

    Conceal carry has been in Chicago for decades. But the problem has been that it was only the criminals carrying.

    Now that legal conceal carry is coming and I will be carrying. Watch out criminals, I am very well trained and a great shot.

    With all of CPD trying to keep the bangers on the south side from shooting each other there is no police up here for us. And the criminals have figured it out. I am sick and tired of feeling unsafe in my own neighborhood and house.

    I have lived in Chicago for almost 40 years and, yes, it is getting worse.