Sunday, September 01, 2013

LABOR SHORTAGE: Police Depleted; Tribune Reports Wrigley Trespassing But Ignores Stabbing; First Robbery of September

One Boystown bar that detained a man who tried to steal money out of its cash drawer had to make multiple calls and twiddle their thumbs as they waited for a real, live police officer to become available.

The 19th police district's razor-thin manpower was depleted at 3:47 this morning and the "Radio Assignment Pending" (RAP) status was not lifted for over an hour.

Given all of the promises that our alderman and police commander have made recently, you'd think that a bar on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted would have a police officer nearby. Or at least an empty bus. You don't think the alderman and commander would lie about these things, do you?

Here's a run-down of last night's activity:

11:35PM Saturday, August 31
A woman called police to report that a man stole her phone and ran into a house in the 660 block of Aldine. She waited for officers outside of the home. Resolution unknown.

2:26AM Sunday, September 1
A patrol car happened upon a huge brawl in the street at Clark and Addison. Additional units were requested and were then cancelled when the fight broke up on its own.

2:48AM Sunday, September 1
Progress bar at 3359 N. Halsted, restrained a man who tried to steal money out of a cash register. Several calls were made and the police response was delayed due to limited manpower in the 19th district.

Reliable information indicates that on Saturday afternoon, five of the district's 15 police beats did not have patrol cars assigned.

3:05AM Sunday, September 1
The first robbery of the new month was recorded in Wrigleyville and Boystown. A female victim walked up to an officer at Clark and Newport after an attacker stole her black Motorola Razr phone and tried to take her purse. The offender, described as a male, Hispanic, about 19 years old, skinny, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans was last seen running eastbound from Sheffield. Case #HW432563.

3:46AM Sunday, September 1
Wrigley Field security guards called for police assistance with two offenders who tried to enter the stadium.

We were intrigued to see that the Chicago Tribune considers a report of intruders at Wrigley Field to be worthy of top billing on their web page, yet they offer no coverage of the brawl and stabbing that took place across the street 44 minutes earlier.  The story selection seems particularly strange since CWB has mentioned overnight trespassing arrests at Wrigley on at least three occasions this summer. They're hardly front page news.

The trespassing report is recorded in case HW432623.

4:00AM Sunday, September 1
A man who lives just outside of Wrigley's right field wall called police after discovering a complete stranger sleeping inside of his Sheffield Avenue apartment. Resolution unknown.


  1. Maybe it's just a perception that there's a labor shortage. I think it's time to put out the cardboard cop cutouts and line the sidewalks! This should to do it, folks! Maybe each cop should hold a cinnamon roll to show their devotion to Tommy Tune Tunney!

  2. The Tribune is a silly thing. I've been surprised by DNAinfo. They seem to tell it like it is -- crime, schools, etc. And CWB, it goes without saying. Keep up the good work!

  3. The Sun-Times could be counted on in the past to cover local "investigative" stories whether it be crime or corruption. Unfortunately those days are long past as well.

    And there is the wonderful Windy City Times that has turned more blind eyes than Ray Charles towards what's happening in the community.

  4. Speaking of windy city times, I've made a decision not to support any of their advertisers.
    Can you hear me now local Fiat dealer, this gay guy is going to the burbs to buy his cute little convertible! I suggest others consider not supporting windy city times and other organizations that are part of the problem!

  5. We're pasting this comment from another post.

    Lauren said...
    My purse was stolen Saturday night and I tracked my phone to an address on Aldine. Its a navy blue leather bag. Got my phone back by them randomly leaving it on some nice persons front porch. Girls even answered my phone after they had taken it. They were talking about someone named Kayla. If seen please respond