Monday, September 16, 2013

JOB WELL DONE: Cops Round Up Thugs in NW Lake View

This one is a bit out of our territory, but the officers involved serve this neighborhood and deserve to have their efforts recognized.

At least two 911 callers reported a woman calling for help and struggling with a man who was trying to take her purse in the Popeye's fried chicken parking lot at Ashland and Irving Park Road last night around 10:20PM.

Officers were on scene within a minute of the call's dispatch. An ambulance was called to treat the victim, who had been popped in the eye during the struggle.

Initial information indicates that officers took at least one and possibly three offenders into custody.

The three suspects were initially described as:

1-male, black, wearing a white shirt and jeans
2-male, white, wearing a red sweater
3-female, possibly Hispanic, wearing a black shirt. She may have had a pony tail.

Thank you, officers, for this outstanding effort.