Monday, September 02, 2013

INBOX: Readers Share Their Neighborhood Crime Experiences

We toss up plenty of statistics on CWB. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that there are human beings behind every crime statistic.  Here are three stories that our readers have shared with us recently.

Also, if you have not signed a neighbor's online petition seeking a safer Lakeview, please take a moment to consider doing so.

Robbed At Sunrise

I am always very vigilant when I am out at 5:30 when I'm walking my dog. The "friendly fellow" did not approach me  without my knowledge, i was well aware of him crossing the street behind me and that he was obviously planning on approaching me.

Oh, and self defense? I used the loud, verbal commands to attract attention of anyone who was outside, or awake indoors, and as soon as he lunged for me I deflected his fist and struck him repeatedly and very hard on the back of his head as he grabbed my left hand and attempted (eventually successfully) to grab my cell phone.

Point is, I know self defense. Although I haven't practiced since moving to Lakeview East, I have a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. I also went to school and initially started my career in Law Enforcement. I am always scanning my surroundings whether its late at night, early in the morning or 5 pm at the dog park. I also know how I should respond in these situations, and honestly, fighting back is the last thing I should have done… It was just a phone, and I had no idea if the offender had any sort of weapon under his hoodie or tucked into his I should have just let him have it instead of possibly putting myself in an even more dangerous situation.

I appreciate you reporting the information you do, but I also think its important that people know exactly what happened, because I really feel that this guy would have followed me if I ran, and honestly I'm surprised I didn't get more hurt than I did.

Neighborhood Home Invasion
I was the victim of a Home Invasion that occurred last year.  It was the last week of August, I believe. It occurred in a garden apartment...around 10am.

Two grungy younger black men (18-25) entered my apartment while I was sleeping at around 9:45-10am, with garbage bags on their heads.  They maced and beat me, stole several things in the process.  They had rope and I believe intended to tie me up, etc...  I fought them and was able to escape out my front door.

...My Wife and I moved out of the area the following day, and have seldom been back for any reason whatsoever.

Not Quite A Burglary
Just a misdemeanor, not a felony.  Not so bad right?

On Tuesday, August 13, at 10:20 p.m. [two men and 1 juvenile] were arrested by police as they were trying to access the second floor, bedroom window of my townhouse at Roscoe/Racine. They had jumped onto a garbage can to get to the garage roof, with one keeping look out in the alley, and were hoisting each other up to the window.  Because they (thankfully) did not get in, they were charged only with this misdemeanor.

I am a single mother of two young daughters and we were thankfully not home.  But, we had a house sitter here who had lights on. Most of my time on your blog has been in the middle of the night when I am awake wondering: what did these guys think they would encounter at 10:20 p.m. on a weeknight?  And what would they have done?

The posts/comments/etc on the blog stating that people are coming to our area because they know they won't get caught are really sticking with me.  They are bold and don't seem to care.  My alley is well lit, it was 10:20 p.m. and the night of a Cubs game. My home is the end unit with plenty of foot traffic.

Thanks to your posts about the court advocates. After several attempts, I learned from the attorney in the case that I can show up for court and let them know I am there, but they can protect my privacy by letting the judge know I am present, without identifying me or stating my name. Here's what I know about these thugs: one already served time for theft and was also charged with dangerous weapons for the incident at my house (I do not know yet what the weapon was), the juvenile is already "known to police" and being pursued for other/worse charges and the third already plead guilty.

Please don't use my name on the blog, but I thought you might be interested in the story because 1) this case probably wouldn't have come to your attention since no theft/robbery took place and 2) your readers should know of this next level of crimes/potential crimes that are taking place at very uncomfortable hours 3) it is an opportunity to thank the police for good work - they apprehended these guys in the act and before anything happened.

I hope to make it to one of the CAPS meetings.