Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IMPORT/EXPORT: Thug Catches Cab Here, Robs Driver Across Town; Other Overnight Reports

Here's one method of keeping robberies down in Wrigleyville and Boystown: Have the thugs get into cabs here, then rob people once they leave the area.

A Globe Taxi driver went into the 19th district station at 2:25 this morning and told the desk officer that he was robbed at gunpoint by a man that he had picked up near Roscoe and Halsted.

According to the driver, he took the soon-to-be robber from Boystown to an address in southwest Lincoln Park. There, his passenger pulled out a revolver and robbed him.

The assailant, a Hispanic man, about 26 years old, with very short hair ran southbound on Bosworth Avenue from Fullerton.  This incident is recorded as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case #HW456396.

Cut Off
A man's long night out got a whole lot longer and a whole lot more expensive when he battered an employee at Roscoe's Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted, around closing time this morning.

Officers took the offender into custody for aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon as detailed in police case #HW456395.

No Report? No Crime.
At 4:02AM, a caller reported that a thief tried to steal a woman's phone at Belmont and Sheffield. According to the caller, the woman fought back and was holding the attacker by his shirt.

No one could be found when officers arrived about 10 minutes later.

The offender was described as male, black, with a light complexion, 5'5" tall, wearing black pants, black boots, and a white shirt.

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