Sunday, September 22, 2013

ICH BIN EIN MUGGER: Neighborhood Robbery With An International Flair

A concerned citizen called 911 on behalf of a man who was reportedly robbed of his wallet at the corner of Clark and Buckingham around 6:10 this morning.

Upon arrival, officers learned that the victim, dressed in a leather jacket and yellow silk shirt, only spoke Burmese.

The offender, a male, white, reportedly spoke German.

Officers attempted to put the victim in touch with a Burmese translator.
It appears that no report was ever filed.


  1. Was he from Myanmar?

  2. If only the OUT Hotel was already built, both the mugger and victim could have been staying there.

  3. Off topic but the OUT Hotel isn't going where the developer proposed it. The developer have been shown alternative sites in the neighborhood that are actually better for the neighborhood and crime as a whole.