Saturday, September 07, 2013

GRAPPLING GROUPS: Friday Night Fights, Etc

Wrigleyville may be known for having rowdy, rambunctious crowds. but it couldn't hold a candle to Boystown last night.

A 3-on-1 fight was reported at Newport and Clark. The group of brawlers was last seen in the 900 block of Newport, fighting its way toward Halsted.

Security at the Wrigleyville Taco Bell, 1111 W. Addison, detained a suspect who tried to pass a counterfeit bill. Resolution unknown.

There were some scary moments for a man, his wife, and their daughter in the 600 block of W. Melrose. Their initial call to 911 at 2:30AM reported a suspicious person at their side door. Five minutes later, another call came in and the matter was escalated to a burglary in progress. At 2:37AM, 911 reported people screaming for help at that location because an intruder had gained entry to the home. Police arrived within seconds of the intrusion call and back-up officers were called.

Police took the offender, a male, white wearing flip flops, into custody for criminal trespass to residence as recorded in Chicago Police Department case #HW441135

A battery in progress was reported at 3420 N. Halsted, just north of Roscoe. A separate caller reported a fight in progress across the street at 3411 N. Halsted. The group dispersed when officers arrived.

Neighborhood Watch volunteers called in a battery in progress with "25 people fighting in the street" at Halsted and Cornelia, near the Taco & Burrito Palace. Arriving officers reported "a lot of people over here. We're gonna clear them out." The matter was resolved at 3:51AM.

Two incidents were reported simultaneously along Belmont between Halsted and Clark.

First, callers reported seeing a man being beaten up outside of Spin nightclub. It appears that no arrest was made, however officers handling this call did run a record check on an individual who lives in the far South Side's West Pullman neighborhood.

At the same time, other callers reported a large group of people damaging a red car on the street near Clark and Belmont. An officer on scene reported the presence of a "pretty big group." One person was taken into custody for reckless conduct. Case #HW441218.

Fight image: Steel Cactus


  1. About the criminal trespass/home invasion...people need to start purchasing guns and keeping them in their home. Get trained, get licensed, and start keeping a gun at home. If someone invades your home, then you confront them and defend yourself and your home in a legal way. As more and more of these thugs find themselves at the wrong end of a gun, they will get the hint and will stop coming here to invade homes and rob people.

    1. You show a great lack of understanding the term "legal". Guy who was arrested was drunk and thought he was home. Not exactly the "thug" you have described (clue here was the flip flops). I am totally pro second amendment but we need to stop saying how great it will be to just shoot up the neighborhood to "protect". It just doesn't work like that

  2. Instead of "dispersed" maybe they should be hauled off in a paddy wagon.

  3. Michael said...
    Instead of "dispersed" maybe they should be hauled off in a paddy wagon.

    Not that long ago, they would have been, Michael. We get the feeling that the few officers who remain here try to save their report writing and arrests for the more serious problems that have developed.

    Of course, the effect of this is that there are fewer reports for minor crimes such as simple battery and assault. Thereby, crime goes "down." "Down" a whopping 20% this year in the 19th district, according to the police press office.

    We're pretty sure that this is one reason they won't give us more officers now. If they were to staff up, crime would "increase."

    1. In part you are correct but also incorrect. Sometimes there are legitimate victims that are battered and then leave before the depleted police can get to them and thus crime is down. However many of these ragamuffins that do not live in this neighborhood and come from the far south side just do not know how to act and as thus engage in fisticuffs with each other. When the police arrive they leave. In other words two willing combatants equals no victim and no offender and as thus as ugly as it seems no crime.

    2. Most victims leave because the police do not respond quickly while they are busy. More police, quicker response time. I wouldn't stay on the street waiting for four hours if something happened to me with the person who did it nearby.

  4. i went out in River North/Streeterville had a great time and didn't have to deal with any of the thugs on Halsted. Took a taxi to get home. Missed all the trash in the neighborhood I live in. Hopefully the bar owners on Hasted read my comment and realize YES you are losing business to other safe neighborhoods. And you the business owners need to stand up and be vocal about this unacceptable crime in Boystown/Wrigleyville. Maybe the Mayor/Alderman/Police Commander would listen to you they obviously don't care about me as working guy. Heck maybe the business owner don't care either. Isn't if funny none of the business owners on Halsted will publicly admit and address the problem. Yet Minibar owners wants the OUT hotel because he says business is dying. Stu of MiniBar you know why business is dying because we are all patronizing other neighborhoods because of the crime. We don't need to live and play here. Chicago has a lot of neighborhoods that offer less crime and just as much entertainment. My 100 dollars even seemed to go father in River North. The bartenders were very pleasant without any attitude. To the business owners we don't need you. You need us so stand up and do something about the crime. And by this I mean demand more CPD officers from the Mayor. Not you go out and hire private security. I was even asked what was up with the private security on Halsted where I was at. The person said wow I would never go up there at night.

  5. Neighborhood watch volunteers--well there's a novel idea. Why aren't there more of these?

  6. A few years back I had the pleasure of performing annual health checks for the CPD SWAT Teams, Marine, and, Bomb and Arson Units.
    I would spend an hour or two with these guys, who were engaging, smart, wise, and usually good humored. I would ask the occasional officer about the dilemma I have with gun ownership, for protection in the home.
    Almost always they asked where I lived, and when I told them (an intersection near the Belmont L station), every single time the answer was yes.
    Usually more like an "oh yeah" with a bit of an "are you serious?" look and nervous chuckle.
    I still don't have that gun. The stats of gun ownership are rather risky, but, yes I want one, and yes I am getting one.
    I was broken in on, while at home, on a weekday afternoon several years back. Reported as "criminal damage to property" by the lovely officer noting the destruction caused by being HOME INVADED!!!

  7. You have to call for a Sgt. more make them come to Halsted to acess it and stay there making sure the calls that are made are answered in a timly manner and make your complaints make him answer your needed questions. We have to take back our street Halsted was Boystown we didn't bother anyone. Now they are coming to bother and rob us.

  8. Interesting that the majority of these thugs commit crimes within 1/2 mile of a police department.

  9. "You show a great lack of understanding the term "legal". Guy who was arrested was drunk and thought he was home. Not exactly the "thug" you have described (clue here was the flip flops). I am totally pro second amendment but we need to stop saying how great it will be to just shoot up the neighborhood to "protect". It just doesn't work like that"


    The male, white in flip-flops was breaking and entering and deserved to be arrested. Read the post again.