Sunday, September 08, 2013

GOOD TIMES: Weapons Violation on Halsted; 90 Minutes In Our "Entertainment District"

Here are just a few of the things that our grossly understaffed 19th district officers had to handle overnight.

Of course, all of this helps explain why the district was unable to assign radio calls due to a shortage of officers. This morning's Radio Assignment Pending (RAP) status took effect sometime before 2:30AM and it continued until 5:51AM as officers tried to deal with children entertainment seekers.

Since the short-handed police officers that our district does have are tied up with antics like the following, the department is unable to launch appropriate responses to robbery, burglary, and even criminal sexual assault ("rape") calls. Offenders know that our district is unable to effectively respond to criminal activity. That's why the thugs come here. And they aren't going to stop coming here until they're given a reason to go elsewhere.

2:25AM: Huge fight at Clark and Eddy in Wrigleyville. Six units respond as the fight pushes northbound on Clark.

2:26AM: An off-duty police officer working security on Halsted Street calls for help with a person they've detained at 801 W. Roscoe, outside of Roscoe's Tavern. The combative offender is charged with a weapons violation as detailed in CPD case #HW442488.

2:38AM: Officers report a large fight on the corner of Clark and Sheffield. A woman is injured and seeks help at the nearby Taco Bell.

3:05AM: An officer reports making a battery arrest at 3500 N. Clark along the Wrigleyville bar strip.

3:11AM: A battery in progress is reported at 3407 N. Clark at Roscoe Street.

3:20AM: Officers assigned to a foot post at Belmont and Sheffield ask for a car to help them. Fights are breaking out in different places and the foot officers can't get to them all.

4:03AM: People fighting in the street at 739 W. Belmont.