Saturday, September 28, 2013

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS: Fists Fly All Night; Witness Tells 911 "This Is A Very Sketchy Neighborhood Now"

Dozens of callers reported fights and beatings of various sizes on the streets of Wrigleyville and Boystown overnight. The district's lightly-staffed overnight shift was tied up on other matters, so nearly all of the beatings and/or fights that were called in resolved themselves before officers arrived. So, again, there will likely be no police reports and, thus, if you ask the police, none of these things "officially" happened.

This is a great example of why the 19th district's year-over-year battery statistics are "down." Because there aren't any cops to respond and take the reports.

11:36PM (Friday)
15 people fighting on the street in the 800 block of Barry.

Security at the 3232 N. Halsted condo building assisted a victim who had just been beaten up by two Hispanic males. One offender was dressed as a woman. The victim told officers that they did not want to file a report.

An on-duty Halsted Street foot patrol officer reported that he received a call on his phone reporting four to five men fighting at Sheffield and Addison.

A large fight is reported in front of Gerber auto repair at Halsted and Newport. Multiple calls come in for more than 7 minutes. The call is eventually assigned at 1:53AM. One caller stated that seven people beat him and his friend up.

A person is reportedly seen with a gun under his red sweatshirt at Buckingham and Halsted. An officer reports "lots of people in red," so the caller is contacted and gives a further description: Tall male, black on the west side of Halsted wearing a red sweatshirt. The caller said he could not meet with an officer because he had left the area, telling a 911 operator, "this is a very sketchy neighborhood now."

An officer reports a fight in progress at 3530 N. Halsted.

Several calls report a fight in the McDonald's parking lot across from Wrigley Field. A caller said two men were beating up one; another reported a "gang fight" underway.

Fight reported at Roscoe and Halsted.

Fight on the northbound platform of the Belmont Red Line station.

Eight people fighting in the street at Belmont and Sheffield.

Five people fighting in the 3400 block of Elaine Place.

A passenger in a passing taxi cab reports five guys beating up one near Belmont and Halsted. The caller then states that the five guys are running away, toward Belmont, leaving the victim behind.

An off-duty police officer reports seeing a battery in progress outside of The Melrose diner on Broadway at Melrose. By the time police arrived, everyone was gone. The off-duty officer was called back and he said the "offender" drove off in a vehicle westbound on Melrose toward Halsted. The "victim" went into the nearby Walgreens.


  1. According to Chuck Goudie of ABC 7, the reason for all the crime on Clark St in 019 is......wait for it...... THE BLACKHAWKS....??? Huh? Blackhawk revelers are the ones robbing and beating the yuppies down? Wha?

  2. All of this mayhem and the Police are a skeleton crew on midnights. How cool is that ? Somehow I dont think its Hawks fans robbing these folks.

  3. That list is gagging, horrible .. truly the portrayal of an urban jungle. Durbin announced incoming help .. I pray it's quick and there are enough officers allocated where they're so desperately needed.

    Durbin: Chicago to get more than $1M for 15 new police officers

    Deep appreciation to all the officers valiantly doing their utmost to protect us with the obvious challenges they face and live every single day and night.

  4. "Durbin: Chicago to get more than $1M for 15 new police officers"

    How much do want to bet Lakeview won't see any of them? they'll all go to the south and west sides.

  5. This should be on every news channel how bad it is here, and scary just to live here. What will it take? a tragedy?

  6. Lakeview residents should be most vocal when Rahm runs for re-election and try and find a candidate that can beat the douche. There has to be someone more qualified than this guy. How many millions will he give ADM to relocate from Decatur, IL to Chicago? Yet we have no money for cops for the actually tax paying residents.

  7. I can't understand how this is happening every night. I live by Broadway and Belmont and it seems every night something is happening. These people robbing and causing trouble don't even live here. I am so tired of these THUGS!!

  8. I'm still happy to see no gun crimes since that crew was caught, but I for the life of me dont understand why they cant just put a n officer at the belmont station every friday and saturday night from 10 pm- 6 am.

    Oh wait, they're protecting ed burke.

  9. There was a gunshot at 445 am Saturday morning and nobody heard it? It was on the police scanner around the same time at roscoe and lake shore.

  10. Someone should tell Rahm that the south and west sides are now in Lakeview.

  11. Anonymous said...
    There was a gunshot at 445 am Saturday morning and nobody heard it? It was on the police scanner around the same time at roscoe and lake shore.
    There was on report of a shot fired. It was not confirmed. We did not report it on the main page because reports of things that sound like shots fired are quite plentiful.

  12. There should be a patrol car over by the belmont red line area so they say. But they are never there, if they say they are they are hiding and no good to the people over there getting robbed and beaten.

  13. I've lived here for 4 years and am used to the occasional sounds of the neighborhood and cars running over things in the alley etc. on Friday at 445 was the first gun shot I've ever heard in the neighborhood, I know what I've heard as well as other residents that called it in. Just hoping it was some type of warning shot between gang members and nothing else, I understand you guys can only report legitimate sources and that's the correct thing to do. I'm only posting this as a warning to others. Of course there is a chance I'm wrong as well but just trying to state that I'm not a person that generally cries wolf. Tough to prove a gun was fired unless they came across the bullet.