Sunday, September 15, 2013

FIVE HOURS, 29 MINUTES: That's How Long The 19th District Lacked Cops Overnight

What a crap night. You got played. Again.

It's hard to believe that the police commander, police captain, and our alderman have the gall to stand in front of us and continue with their lies while giving us police "protection" like they did last night.

If you happen to be the gentleman in a suit who was reportedly forced to withdraw money from an ATM in Wrigleyville; if you were that victim on Roscoe and Elaine Place that a witness reported having their phone stolen; if you were that woman calling for help at Barry and Sheridan; if you were the resident of the 700 block of Roscoe who reported that a group of males had broken into a fenced area behind your home; if you were that man who was seen being beaten up in the alley of 917 W. Fletcher, we just want you to know that calls to help you were received.

There simply weren't any officers to send your way in a timely fashion.

Oh, the officers showed up eventually, but you probably had other things to to do. Like call your bank, bandage your face, maybe curl up in bed and wonder what the fuck has happened to this neighborhood.

Maybe you all should have followed 19th district police captain Mike Ryan's advice and asked for a supervisor? (Sarcasm)
Red zones are areas that had no beat cars assigned
to protect them overnight. Result: Our precious officers
had to leave our area to handle calls in the red zones.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Chicago Police Department keeps crime "down" and how they can claim that "crime is down 20% this year" in the 19th district. Don't staff enough police officers to respond to the thefts, robberies, and batteries that are happening. The victims will eventually go home and there will be no report and "no crime."

The overnight shift that ran late Saturday into Sunday is a beautiful demonstration of how effective that demonic, citizen-harming, thug-enriching, statistics-skewing strategy is.

The district went into Radio Assignment Pending (RAP) status, meaning cars were not available to promptly handle assignments, at 12:15AM. It remained in RAP status until 5:44AM. Five-and-a-half hours of long-delayed responses. This is the seventh Sunday morning in a row that our district ran out of cops.

Last night, a Saturday night in a huge district with two "entertainment districts," at least four of our district's 15 beats did not have cars assigned to them at all. CWB believes that more than four beats were without coverage, but we have been unable to document that. (Full disclosure: Technically, there was an officer assigned to beat 1912. However, he was detailed to guarding hospitalized prisoner for the entire shift.)

The Clark Street "entertainment detail" consisted of a sergeant and two units, which were overwhelmed by Wrigleyville drunks shortly after 2AM. Nearly every one of the district's precious few cars had to back up the detail on Clark Street for almost 90 minutes.

A further result of understaffing is that the cars that are assigned to our late night robbery and crime-ridden area had to leave our neighborhood to handle calls in Lincoln Square, Uptown, and Lincoln Park.

All while victims here are were reportedly robbed, beaten, trespassed, and all that jazz with no officers available for timely responses.

No report? No crime. Who knows, after last night, crime might even be "down" 21% in the 19th district.