Wednesday, September 04, 2013

FIGHT NIGHT: Two Brawls Reported In Under An Hour Wednesday, Arrests Made

Police on the street handled a couple of interesting calls before and during Wednesday night's CAPS meeting:

Six adults were reported to be fighting on the corner of Halsted and Waveland. At 7:05PM, two offenders were taken into custody at 3641 N. Fremont, directly behind the 19th district police station.

Several 911 callers reported a group of females fighting outside of the Walgreens, 3646 N. Broadway at Waveland. Officers on-scene determined that the females were actually men dressed as women. The following descriptions were given: One wore a yellow outfit with tassels; the second wore a white tank top; and the third fought in a black skin tight dress

At 7:53PM, the primary unit assigned to the call asked for a transport vehicle to take at least one offender to the police lock-up from the Center on Halsted.