Friday, September 20, 2013

DAFT PUNKS: Series of Calls Report Wrigleyville Attacks

Some unusual activity is getting Friday night started on a cautious note.

At 10:05 Friday night, a man called 911 to report that he managed to escape from three male black offenders who attempted to rob him in the area of Clark and Addison. The caller, who jumped into a cab to get away, said he would file a report, but he wanted authorities to know that the men were "lurking" in the area.  He described one offender as having a short buzz cut and wearing a gray long-sleeve shirt. The other two offenders were described as being about six-feet tall. UPDATE: The victim did, in fact, file a report. Case number HW460425.

Just five minutes later, at 10:13PM, 911 received a call from a man in the area of Waveland and Clark, a block north of the previous incident. The caller could be heard struggling with someone on the phone. The line went dead. Moments later, another caller reported seeing a battery in progress at Waveland and Clark. The offender was described as male, black, with had a rubber band wrapped around a goatee.

A further description then came in that described two offenders in the second incident:
1-male, black, wearing a hoodie and broken glasses with a rubber band wrapped around his goatee.
2-male, black, with a beard heading toward McDonald's from Clark and Waveland.

A patrol car was dispatched to the area but there is no indication that contact was made with victims or offenders.