Saturday, September 28, 2013

CRAZY NOODLES: Delivery Driver's Car Stolen

The delivery driver for Penny's Noodle Shop, 3400 N. Sheffield, had his car stolen as he dropped off an order in the 1100 block of Roscoe yesterday evening.

As the driver wrapped up the delivery around 7:30PM, the thief, described only as a male and black, hopped into the idling gray Accura Integra and sped off.

Chicago Police Department case #HW470123.


  1. Can't blame the cops. It's stupid to leave the car running.

  2. The delivery driver must have been wandering around an alley drunk, no doubt talking on his iphone,too.

  3. Can't blame the cops? How about blaming the criminal instead of blaming the person trying to earn money honestly?

  4. I'd normally blame the criminal but if someone is stupid enough to leave their vehicle running, unlocked and unattended in Boystown they deserve the theft. If it's a delivery guy's car, I'm sure it wasn't worth very much anyhow, the thief would have gotten a better return on taking someone's iPhone.

  5. "I'd normally blame the criminal but..."

    You not only blamed the victim for not being as smart as you, (and thereby deserving auto theft) but added further insult to your insult by degrading the victim based on your assumptions about his employment and vehicle quality. And one more thing, are you dismissing this crime and recommending robbery instead?

    Tunney, is that you?

  6. Get off your high horses, its STUPID to leave your keys in the ignition, this is why they HAVE keys, after all.

  7. Great logic there.

    Don't lock both wheels on your bike while running an errand? You deserve to have it stolen!

    Leave your grill on your patio? You DESERVE to have it taken!

    Leave your phone on the table at a restaurant while you eat your food? You DESERVE to have it taken!

    Wear tight clothing while having a few drinks? You DESERVE to get raped!

    Wonderful world you envision, where any potential opening a person leaves for predators should be considered an invitation for crime.

  8. No, I live in the real world. Cars have keys for a reason, so people don't steal them. I'd love to see you then leave your keys in your car, and the car running at the same time to alert thieves how easy it is to steal it.

    And the other exmaples you give aren't equivalencies. I'd love to see you leave your keys in your car and leave it running, even in Boise. Part of fighting crime is NOT MAKING IT EASY FOR CRIMINALS.