Saturday, September 21, 2013

CLOCKED: Cops' Search For Gunman Leaves Another Robbery Victim Waiting 20+ Minutes

"I have placed officers on patrol in spots
where robberies have been occurring and it is working."
--Cmdr. Elias Voulgaris in an email to a community group this week.

In addition to the robberies at gunpoint that CWB reports below, there was another reported robbery victim this morning who may or may not have waited the 20+ minutes it took for a police unit to handle his call for help.

As usual, our district was grossly understaffed and the few officers that we did have were busy searching for suspects and conducting street stops in an effort to find the people responsible for robbing at least four victims at gunpoint this morning.

At 5:14AM, a man called 911 from the Starbucks at Belmont and Clark to report being robbed. The call was dispatched to the nearest available officers who were a little tied up: "We'll get there," the officer told dispatch, "we got a guy on the hood [who was suspected in the earlier robberies]. We're name checking him." The person they stopped was apparently released.

More than 20 minutes later the unit was still hustling with fellow officers on robbery suspect stops. As of October 25, CWB cannot locate a police report related to this incident.

Unusual Calls
There were also two unusual calls to 911 this morning in which victims said that they were robbed, but that they did not want to involve the police. These incidents are not typical, in fact, CWB cannot recall a previous instance in which a person called 911, reported and detailed being robbed, yet said they did not want to the police to come. They may or may not take on additional significance in light of an earlier victim's reluctance to involve police officers after notifying authorities. CWB is not sure what to make of these calls.

An anonymous victim called 911 to report that three offenders had just tried to rob him in the area of Belmont and Clark. The victim, who said he was "afraid" to speak with the police, stated that two male, blacks in their early 20's tried to rob him after using a female, black as "bait."

The offenders were described as:
#1-male, black, 21 to 25 years old, 160 pounds
#2-male, black, 21 to 25 years old, wearing a gray sweater and dark pants
#3-female, black, carrying a handbag, wearing a leather jacket and tights

An anonymous caller said that someone attempted to rob them at Southport and Fletcher. The caller said 2 male offenders and one black female offender were last seen fleeing eastbound on Fletcher. The victim told a 911 call taker that he did not want to see the police.


  1. This is a joke all the robberies, we just are not safe after dark in this neighborhood which is a nice place during the daytime. Can we at least get the Bike unit here working till 5am when everything happens. Make them roll down Halsted to Belmont down towards the El and back down Belmont to Halsted and up to addison all night. If the criminals saw these pack of officers on bikes all night every night they would think twice how easy it is to rob someone. This problem needs to be handled before someone gets seriously hurt..

  2. Sorry the bikes go off duty at 1pm or so...hours before everything happens according to the last CAPS meeting.

    Its as if the police deliberately shutdown hours before all hell breaks loose every weekend then act surprised when its brought up at the CAPS meeting.


  4. As a cop I can confirm that some of these street robberies may start out as acts involving disreputable actions - prostitution, desire to buy drugs -and the victims are fearful of being outed, so to say, as being involved in this type of activity and becoming a robbery victim. They should actively be encouraged to report the crime. Such a report may be the impetus for identifying and arresting a bad guy who then cannot victimize anyone anymore.

  5. Anonymous said...
    As a cop I can confirm that some of these street robberies may start out as acts involving disreputable actions - prostitution, desire to buy drugs

    Supply and Demand people. PLEASE don't feed the animals!!

  6. Sounds like prostitutuion to me. If police were aware of all the crime on crime that happens , it wouldn't be "down". Johns are robbed all the time in Boystown. They are normally intoxicated and scared so they don't want help.