Sunday, September 22, 2013

BUSTED IN LAKE VIEW: Teen Trio Busted For Series Of Lake View Attacks

Greed and good police work caught up with a group of offenders who pulled off three robberies in 45 minutes Saturday night.

Three offenders were positively identified and taken into custody. Details:

Waveland and Greenview: Beating, Robbery
The first call for help came around 11:20PM last night from a man who was chased in the area of Waveland and Greenview by a group of three teens wearing hoodies. When the victim tripped and fell, the three offenders collectively beat him and took his valuables. The three offenders were described as:
1-male, black, wearing a white hoodie with a pattern
2-male, black, wearing a gray hoodie
3-male, black, wearing a black hoodie
This incident is recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case #HW461881.

1700 block of West Melrose: Beating, Robbery At Gunpoint
About 20 minutes after the first incident, the crew apparently struck again about one mile away.

Last night's 3 robberies are plotted on this Google Map.
The victim in this case was beaten and robbed at gunpoint by two black males who appeared to be between 13 and 16 years of age. The older offender wore a black hoodie. Case #HW461965

School and Wolcott: Robbery 
Eight minutes after the Melrose robbery, a third victim was attacked at 3300 N. Wolcott. A 911 caller reported that his son was robbed at gunpoint by five black males. One offender, who wore a gray sweater or hoodie, was seen walking toward Addison from the crime scene. Case #HW461924

By this time, the west Lake View area had been flooded with police officers and the thugs had met their match.

The first break came when tactical officers chased two suspects on foot from Wolcott and Addison. An officer caught up with the first thug in the 1800 block of Addison and the second was caught moments later in the 1800 block of Eddy.

The hunt continued. Within a couple of minutes, an officer who had staked out the Addison Brown Line station spotted a teenager who matched witness descriptions. The teen was taken into custody at the station.

All three of these individuals were positively identified by witnesses and/or victims. Officers believe that some additional offenders may have eluded their dragnet.

There were no indications of a firearm recovery.

Thank you, officers, for another job well done.