Sunday, September 01, 2013


Another alderman is speaking up about the very real shortage of police officers in Chicago. And, once again, that alderman is not Tom Tunney.

From neighboring Alderman James Cappelman's email to constituents this weekend:
In response to the shooting at Wilson and Sheridan last week, the Commander stationed police at 3 hot spots 24/7 for the next few weeks. The police were present at these hot spots at [yesterday’s shooting in Uptown]…. I have repeatedly asked for more police to be dispatched in these areas. The Commander is left with the final decision of where the police are to be deployed based on an ever-changing set of variables within the police district throughout the day. However, his job is more difficult with our current police shortage. 
Simply put, more police are needed on the streets so that we can get a better handle on all of the crimes committed in the area. Public drinking and disturbances of peace, as the "Broken Windows" theory states, can lead to more violent crimes in an area. A number of aldermen and I are insisting on a commitment of more police officers on the street before we vote on the 2014 City Budget. 
“More officers on the street.” That phrase is a whole other piece of hocus-pocus flimfammery shenaigans stuff that politicians and police executives use to trick citizens into thinking that something is being done to improve police services. We won’t, uh, be-labor you on this holiday weekend.

But it is good to see another alderman speak up and say exactly what we’re dealing with: a police shortage.

Tom, step up, please. Show us that you are willing to end your 100% backing of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s legislative positions, even when those positions have called for cutting the police budget. Take a stand on this. Please.


  1. Getting rid of the 50 aldermen would probably enable the city to hire dozens of extra police officers. Since the aldermen only serve as yes people to King Daley or Prince Rahm, it's a complete waste of our tax dollars.

  2. Cappelman is pretty hardcore. They might as well give him a badge.

  3. Tommy is not going to be stepping up to the plate, apparently. He's had his chance. Can't wait to hear his lame words (if he's awake enough to offer any) at this week's CAPS meeting. 7pm Wed Sept 4, folks, police building on Addison. Be there!

  4. I agree with you that while it's encouraging to see Cappleman calling for "more officers on the streets," I'd like to hear him go further, too. He could start by reverting back to the position he took on TIF districts when he was running for his office, when he said at several public forums that the city needed serious cutbacks on the number of TIF districts. TIF districts divert property taxes from things like hiring enough cops. Back then, Cappleman specifically called out the TIF at Clarendon and Montrose as an example of TIF district abuse. Now that he's in office and controls the TIF funds there, he supports it. It's prime lakefront property and anybody who develops it shouldn't need a handout from the city to make it work. Instead, that TIF money needs to go back into the city budget to hire more police. Like Cappleman, Emanuel was all for TIF reform when he was running for office, too. Funny how they change their tune once they get elected and discover how they can use TIF districts as slush funds to reward campaign contributors.

  5. I wonder how Tom Tunney, since crime in our ward is his number one priority, is working with and supporting Republican Senator Mark Kirk in the appointment of an anti-gang coordinator. Hopefully his positive contribution here will neutralize the pernicious influence Helen Shiller's Lakeview Strategy Group is likely having on our neighborhood. Helen was literally run out of Uptown -- see the link for details. She has chosen Lakeview to set up shop. What is Tunney doing to counter her "working together" with gangs and criminals? The Lakeview Strategy group lists an "address" on their website but that is only a mailbox at 3712 N. Broadway. For more about Helen see

  6. Tombo. The poor, little, moronic, insignificant player in Rhambo's regime/grand scheme.

    The internet really needs a sarcasm font.

  7. i think it would be poetic justice if, in light of the CPD manpower shortage, an angry group of "non-residents" found themselves,for whatever reason, in front of one of mr tunney's establishments and decided to do a "Do the Right Thing" number on it during that particular hour of the morning when there just arent any Police available for anything because they are short. I would bet the distinguished gentleman from lakeview would be singing a different tune in the counsel chambers, that is, after his head stopped exploding. hahahaha