Saturday, September 14, 2013

3 VS. 1 BEATING: 21 Minute Response Time

As if seven robberies weren't enough--and, really, shouldn't seven robberies be enough?--citizens reported a number of beatings and fights overnight that simply could not be responded to in a timely fashion.

The most frustrating of these to CWB occurred around 2:20AM at Halsted and Roscoe. A caller reported three males "beating up another kid" on the street. The attackers escaped southbound in the alley.

Unit #1913, which is normally assigned to patrol the far north side of the district, between Lawrence and Montrose, was the nearest available unit.

Minutes later, a witness called 911 again to say that he had located the attackers near Belmont and Halsted. The caller said he was following the offenders on his bike and he would direct police to them.

Unit 1913 arrived around 2:41AM, 21 minutes after the call was dispatched. Needless to say, they could not find anyone.

Dispatchers called the bicyclist who had been following the offenders. He said he had given up.

No report. No crime.
Image: A Blog To Watch
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