Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 ON 1: Man Beaten On Cornelia

UPDATE: A man who claims to be the victim in this attack has posted an informative and humorous "Missed Connection" on Craigslist.

At least four 911 callers reported hearing a man screaming for help on Cornelia between Halsted and Clark at 11:15 Tuesday night. Officers found the male beating victim in the 900 block of Cornelia.
The area of Tuesday night's beating is seen in this Google image.
The L tracks are seen in the distance.

The victim had been beaten up by three offenders who fled westbound, then south along the L tracks, according to witnesses.

It is not known if the attack was a failed robbery attempt or if there was another motivation.

Witnesses' descriptions of the attackers:

1) Female.

2) male, black, skinny, wearing a yellow shirt and green shorts.

3) male, black, wearing an orange long sleeve shirt and black pants.

 Chicago Police Department case #HW456310.

Had enough? Be heard. Start by signing the Citizens for a Safer Lakeview online petition.


  1. Any information on the victim? Was he a neighborhood resident?

  2. I was one of the callers and I'm sick of this shit. What needs to happen before our pleas for additional police coverage will be met?

    And what are we supposed to do when it starts to stay dark longer in the morning, and gets darker earlier in the evening? I'm disgusted by this criminal behavior and find myself hoping for terrible things, like that one of these days these terrorists will meet a victim who gives them what they deserve.

  3. Are you serious? With those descriptions, bright colors they were wearing and the police could not find them in the area after?
    This poor victim is lucky to be alive, how long and how many calls to the police does it take? These brutal offenders should have all been arrested and taken off the streets. What is it going to take here for some action to be done?

  4. Can't wait to walk my dog when its dark earlier. I Don't have a conceal carry.


  5. Anonymous said...
    Can't wait to walk my dog when its dark earlier. I Don't have a conceal carry.

    Wednesday, 18 September, 2013
    You can apply for it 1/5/14. See Illinois State Police website

  6. Yellow shirt and green pants?? It was a Packers fan!

    Maybe *that* will get the authorities' attention?