Sunday, August 18, 2013

WILLKOMMEN: Visitors Met By Police Welcome Wagon

Police officers made contact with several visitors who made the trek to enjoy Boystown Saturday night. Here are just a few of the folks/people that officers encountered during street stops on Halsted:

- Mr. CB, a known Gangster Disciple, visited Halsted Street Saturday evening. Perhaps he was trying to break out of that whole "getting arrested" rut that he fell into last year when he got locked up 5 times for, among other things, armed robbery with a handgun. Welcome to Lake View, Mr. CB!

- Perhaps Mr. CB knows Mr. BC, who was convicted of robbery and sentenced to 3 years in an Illinois prison. Despite his 3 year sentence, BC managed to get out of prison in less than a year, then get re-arrested for a "narcotics violation" that landed him a 6 year sentence.  Buuuut, he's out of prison now. At any rate, welcome back to freedom (and to Lake View) Mr. BC.

- According to Cook County Criminal Court records, Mr. LR walks out of stores without paying for merchandise once in a while. In his spare time, LR enjoys visiting our neighborhood and engaging in activities that have allowed him to build a police department gang file detailing his association with the Black Disciples.

Thank you, officers on the street. Thank you.


  1. Hell, we know these people are out here.....but someone better tell Commander Voulgaris and Alderman Tunney!

  2. Now the we are finally getting the police's attention, the next step is going to be to follow-up on the judges and their sentencing of these thugs. We vote for judges, but I don't know about the rest of you but I'm note voting for anymore of them until I know more about their sentencing history of these types of criminals. When they are up for relection we simply do not have enough informaiton about their performance to really say if we should vote for them.

    Also, how does the public have check on the parole boards? Those jokers need to be kicked-out of office for releasing these criminals back into the community. Clearly the decision to parole them is a big mistake. What ever happened to 3 strikes and you're out? The state should be required to provide statistics to the public on number of cases by type that are reviewed by the board, the number approved for parole, the amount of time their sentence was reduced, and the number of times the same person has been arrested/convicted for the same type of offense.

    Arresting the thugs is only the first step in the processes. There has to be strong pressure from the community for the attorney general to procescute, the judges to give strong sentences to repeat offenders, and the parole boards to stop granting parole to repeat offenders.

    In fact, I would say that no repeat offender should be eligible for parole at all. First offense, eligiblity for parole could be considered, but after that it should not be allowed at all. They shouldn't even be eligible to be reviewed by the board. Parole is only for those that truely change their ways, a repeat offender clearly doesn't qualify.

  3. Well, with the weekend totals in for the entire city the last count this morning was 5 dead and 22 gun shot victims including a 7 y.o. Wthl almost all of the city's resources allocated to the south and west sides Commander Voulgaris and Tunny are sucking hind tit as far as their claim to have extra officers in the district.

  4. Do you have any more details about these men (names, photos, court case records)? It would be helpful for us residents to be able to easily identify these repeat offenders.

    1. We do. We're putting somethings together. Check back this evening.