Friday, August 09, 2013

WHAT IF: Without 3-Year Robbery Surge, We'd Rank #51 Not #1

It's been a busy week and we're looking forward to having a great weekend in the neighborhood. We're going to wrap up our Friday with this. What if?

There's been a lot of talk about beat #1924's ranking as the #1 beat for robberies in Chicago.

But what if. What if our neighborhood's robbery rate had stayed flat since 2010, rather than go up by 63%?

Answer: If our robbery rate had stayed flat, we'd be #51 in robberies citywide instead of #1.

1924's current #1 ranking was earned by recording 42 robberies since May 2 this year. We pulled the police data. During the same 90 day period in 2010, the same area recorded 18 robberies.

42 now. 18 then. Truth.

If we could back out the 24 "extra" robberies we've had in the past 3 months, our ranking on the list of most violent police beats would drop from #9 to #74!

That's an apples to apples comparison of what used to be and what is. And it illustrates our hope for what our neighborhood will become again.

It's doable. We can do this. Let's do do this.

That's it for now. CWB will update throughout the weekend, but we plan on taking "full advantage" of the great weather and this amazing neighborhood.

Maybe we'll see you Market Days?


  1. Oh look!

    Crime is down. Just keep saying it. When you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth doesn't it?

    Mail delivery halted on Logan Square block after carrier attacked

    Staff report

    12:18 p.m. CDT, August 9, 2013

    The Postal Service says it has halted mail delivery on a block of the Logan Square neighborhood after a long pattern of harassment culminated in a carrier being beaten up after she pepper-sprayed a threatening dog.

    Mail service was suspended in the 3200 block of West North Avenue on Saturday, a day after an attack on the carrier. The Postal Service took the “rare” step after a pattern of harassment on the block “that’s been going on for a bit now,” said Mark Reynolds, a spokesman for the postal service in Chicago.

    “The area clearly didn’t feel safe for the carrier,” Reynolds said.

  2. This is a great write up and I appreciate whoever came up with it. For those of us who have lived here for many (15 for me) years, it's painful how fast this has happened. Only three years ago this was a safe area. And remember, for those of us around the Boystown broadway area, we are seeing empty storefronts for the first time ever. Boarderline Music and Chic Antiques are both moving this month will add to it.

  3. I am renting right now - relo from NY (where I felt safer). I will most likely move when my lease is up - I was going to buy in the area. This keeps up - prop values in the area will be in trouble. It's not only businesses....

  4. Beautifully laid out, CWB. This is the time. We do not want to be tossing around would'ves and could'ves down the road. Tunney needs to man up and get things done. CPD needs to cut the statistics crap and start policing. CWB needs to stick around and tell us how things are going whether that be good or bad. I'm trusting you to be as fair in your analysis when (if) things improve as you have been during the bad times. Of the three I have the most faith in you doing what needs to be done.

  5. Don't let the rain stop you from the walk tonight because it won't stop the criminals!

  6. "we are seeing empty storefronts for the first time ever. Boarderline Music and Chic Antiques are both moving this month will add to it. "

    When the recession hit there were empty storefronts up and down Broadway. That street has recovered, and a lot of new businesses have opened up. borderline? How can you expect to stay open when you only sell one type of music, and dance music is very limited. Reckless Records on Broadway is doing gang buster business. They're a serious music store. Boarderline wasn't a smart idea to begin with. Chic Antiques... furniture stores have never done well on Broadway. I remember when Decor was open across the street from Equinox. The owner told me he was moving locations because Broadway was a terrible street for furniture stores...that was back in the 80s.

    Prpoerty values...I just read last week that Lakeview is one of the hottest property markets in the city.

    Yes, we have a big problem here, but I am getting a bit tired of people using that as an excuse to trash the neighborhood.

  7. Borderline-people buy music online now . Chic Antiques-She said she was moving because the rent was too high. It has nothing to do with crime.

  8. Crime is not down. The area has become the new city hot spot and as a result it has become more target rich than ever. I've been the police 15+ yrs and a number of them in 023/019. More and more bars mean more and more people. Look how many people are walking the streets at 3-5am; a hell of a lot more than in Uptown (which becomes a ghost town after 10pm)and more than in many other police districts. Right now there is a perfect storm in Wrigleyville/Boystown and here it is:
    - declining police manpower
    - a target rich environment
    - inadequate city ordinances to deal with loiterers and those who are generally disorderly
    - victims who don't want to cooperate with police and prosecutors
    - an increase presence of youth, especially from the far south and west sides because they won't be victimized here
    - micromanaged police policies from HQ on down.
    That's factual. And another fact is it will continue the same way until the powers that be (Rahm!) call for a change.