Sunday, August 25, 2013

TRUE STORY: Dispatchers Needed 11 Minutes To Find A Cop Available To Answer A Call That Came From Within 30 Feet of This Bus

Image: @CyonFlare on Twitter
Here's an excellent example of our police and politicians using smoke and mirrors to manage "perception" rather than actual police officers to reduce crime.

Last night, there was a big old Chicago Police bus parked in front of 3352 N. Halsted Street. At 1:58 this morning, Roscoe's Tavern, located just one door away from the parked bus called 911 after security detained a man who threw glass into the crowd, hitting several customers.

How long do you think it took for dispatch to find an officer available to handle the Roscoe's call? Take a look at that bus again. It's one door away from the 911 caller.

Eleven minutes. Eleven minutes just to find an available officer.

But, damn. That bus sure looks bad ass.

A CWB reader comments,
That big bus is a waste of time and money it serves no purpose other than to look imposing and has to be accompanied by an actual beat car to make sure no one vandalizes it (read that as a beat car must be held down and not answer service jobs or patrol for offenders)
At any rate, one of the Roscoe's patrons who was hit by glass asked for and received medical assistance. The incident is recorded in Chicago Police Department case #HW422601

BTW, does this whole story about someone throwing glass into the crowd at Roscoe's sound familiar? This may be why.


  1. What is going on with Roscoe's? Is that place gradually becoming a "problem business"?

  2. CPD Should sell that useless bus and use the proceeds to hire a couple officers

  3. That bus is a 20 year Flxible Metro that CTA disposed of 4 years ago. They'd be lucky to get $5K from a scrapper.The CFD has several also.

    It real reason for existence is "perception", that CPD is present and on the ball.

    They should park it in front of Rahm's house. His personal detail would have the tires booted.

  4. Can anyone report on what the bars are like these days? I live in Lakeview but have not been out on Halsted in a couple of years. Are they still crowded?

  5. That bus is just dog and pony show. They are trying everything they can instead of putting more officers on the beat. Just like the cardboard cut outs of Police McJersey has planed for Halsted. Same concept. I guess McJersey doesn't realize the thugs are on Facebook, have smart phone and are connected the internet they know it's all bs and we are easy pickings.

  6. Nothing is going on with Roscoe's it's just the owner of that place is raising hell about the street and the other bars won't let them park the bus in front of their bars because they are worried about what people might think. It really doesn't look good for the bar but it says to me Roscoes's ownership and management cares about the crime on the street. Actually the owner lives on Roscoe as well not like some that live in other neighborhoods. No bar is safe after 12 AM in Wrigleyville and Boystown.

  7. I guess McJersey doesn't realize the thugs are on Facebook, have smart phone and are connected the internet they know it's all bs and we are easy pickings.


    Oh, they have smart phones, all right. Plenty of smart phones.

  8. so they tie a guy and car up to babysit this monstrosity of a useless euipment
    reminds me of those empty squads they park up in lake county to freak people into driving right

  9. Crime is down at least where I am at during week I am either over seeing my cinnamon buns or at the bird sanctuary during the week bird watching. On the weekend I am out of town in Michigan at my weekend place. Trust me crime is down. I have given you more patrols and a big bus. If you don't actually see more officers trust me they are out they are just super stealth. So just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't around. Crime is down. I read you blog and appreciate all of you that have voted for me time after time. Being Alderman is such a great job. Where can you make 6 figures and not have to be accountable to anyone in the USA. It's like being on the ghost payroll. And while I have you I have been working with Rahm about the issues at the Center on Halsted. I am trying to get him to give me some grant money so we can add another program at the Center. He is thinking about. I will meet with him next week it's not a down deal but we have a basic agreement. We will have job training how to make cinnamon buns. I hope to give all these youths a future where they feel they don't need to rob hard working people. I will show them how to become a millionaire alderman and bun maker just like me. How to legally take from the tax payers. Our working title is Lies, Lies and just keep lying until they believe you.

    Tom Tunney

  10. Armed with this information of lack of response times to 911 calls, victims should have a case to sue the city for pain and suffering and many other grievances. That should force the hand of the city to hire more police. Victims should get together and file a class action lawsuit against the city for not having enough police patrol thus FORCING victims into worse situations by police responding 30 to 40 mins later. There should be a big case there. I studied law at Harvard and would take on this case if I were licensed here in Illinois but I live in two cities and I'm only licensed in California. Any great Lakeview lawyers out there wish to gather the victims for a class action suit???

  11. What if anything was in the Mayor's oath pertaining to protecting people ?