Tuesday, August 06, 2013

STUNNER: Tunney Unaware of Area's #1 Robbery, #10 Violent Crime Rankings

Even young William Shatner can't believe this.
Wow. Just wow.

For a second or two, even a couple of us CWBers were starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Alderman Tom Tunney was beginning to understand that we have a problem around here.

Even a couple of readers have expressed their belief that Tom's gotten the message and it's time to shift our focus:
Tom knows he's in a tough spot. I think it's time to get behind him and try to rattle the cages of his peers on city council, Garry McCarthy, and the mayor for distribution of more police resources here. 
We've been down this road several times with the alderman and the district's CAPS team before. The Time Warp, as we put it in a post last week. We should have known better than to think things could have changed so quickly. An email:
At the meeting regarding the Crib [youth shelter on Addison Monday night] . . . Alderman Tunney actually said he knew nothing about Beat 1924 being #1 in the city for robberies, and #10 for violent crime.  Many people present  were stunned that the alderman could be so uninformed about such an important issue.
A second reader concurred,
Tunney was confronted by the "#1 in robberies" statistic, and he pretended he didn't know anything about it...he got shellacked for that one. Not a lot of yelling, but people were livid. I think they know we're not going away. 
I would be shocked if Tunney shows up [at the CAPS meeting] Wednesday after what happened to him tonight.
It should be pretty clear now that the people in charge of keeping our citizens informed and our streets safe are once again going through the same routine they've used with us before.

It's the same script. No, literally, it's the same script:

Alderman Tom Tunney, July 5, 2011
We have been dealing with late night crime on our streets for years.  As a victim of a robbery myself, I understand everyone's concern and I share it.  We all need to be aware of our surroundings and not be afraid to call 911 with as much information as possible when you see someone behaving suspiciously or committing a crime.  We all must work with the police to effectively fight crime.
Alderman Tom Tunney, August 1, 2013
We have been dealing with late night crime on our streets for years. As a victim of a robbery myself, I understand everyone's concern and I share it. We all need to be aware of our surroundings and not be afraid to call 911 with as much information as possible when you see someone behaving suspiciously or committing a crime. We must all work together with the police to effectively fight crime. 
Humanizing tales about being a robbery victim and expressions of concern take on so much more meaning when they're copy-pasted.

Here are the results of the alderman's "dealing with late night crime on our streets for years." Looks like a raw deal to (and for) us.

Could you please try to pay attention, alderman? Please? Are we asking too much of a man who's working toward a six-figure pension and who was paid $104,709 last year for a legally-mandated part time job?

And, for what it's worth, we inched up to a tie for 9th place 8th place on the most violent crime list yesterday today. Still holding strong at #1 for robberies.


  1. Good morning Jeff on Buckingham.
    Do you see now why we hold Tunney responsible for the crime increases year after year after year?
    He has been doing his gig longer than the mayor, the CPD chief of police, and district commander.
    He is a whimp and a liar. If he cares about his residents he does not demonstrate that.
    He is ineffective and quite frankly, in way over his head. This isn't Mayberry, and being visible at and around his ward office, which is conveniently steps from his boring restaurant, makes him no Sheriff Taylor.
    Upon reading of his denial of knowledge of the crime stats he certainly must know, the stupid and arrogant statement repeated verbatim two summers running, and his nationally famous emotional breakdowns and adolescent threats, made to the Ricketts, is it possible that he is no longer mentally or emotionally fit to continue his current role?

    Mr Alderman, are you well enough to do your job? If not, can you have the class to admit this and move along. You do not have the support that propped up Ronald Reagan for years.
    Please do the decent thing.

    Danny in Lakeview.

  2. Yeah sure.
    " I Never Knew That"
    Only been in SCC and the other blogs and red eye
    He wasn't going to say anything, till you did.

  3. This is such bs. Youth of a bad element are hanging around the corners of Aldine/Roscoe, Halsted/Roscoe, Sheffield/Belmont by Einstein's and at the Belmont Station hollering at people and threatening people. All manner of prostitutes trawl the area along sheffield between school and belmont.

    These people are emblematic of the problems this area is facing. Start cracking down on this guys/gals/pseudo-gals would probably be a step in the right direction.

    Tunney, aka Tunza-Funza, has proven to be an incapable stupid-dumb-twit-moron-asshole. He does not care about the situation. He does not care about what is happening. He gets plenty of money and has no real interest in the area. Does he even live in the neighborhood?

    More importantly, who can run against him?

  4. The message that came out loud and clear from the "Crib" meeting at the police station is that no one is responsible. The Crib isn't because they're a "low threshhold shelter," (they don't check IDs because these kids don't have IDs...but "many of them are in college." How you can go to college without an ID was never explained, but one resident did ask for the explanation anyway. The Night Ministry isn't responsible because The Crib is run out of the church, and the church isn't responsible because it's the Night Ministry who runs the Crib. The "art program" ("You know some of them like to do performance")run out of the church? Well no one is responsible there, because no one could even articulate what the hell the art program is. The Department Of Social Services? Nope, they just dole out the money. Tunney? Certainly not! He has nothing to say about any of this, although he has voted in favor of these places opening in the neighborhood. The police? Nope. Private property you know, even though a lot of incidents take place on the public sidewalk in front of the church.

    We all know about the famous plaque Harry Truman kept on his desk in the Oval Office, but in this case the buck doesn't stop anywhere. It just dodges and weaves all over the place. The meeting was fascinating because everyone has deftly managed to skirt accountability. I said that it wasn't The Crib that was the problem, or The Center or The Night Ministry or the Howard Brown Youth Center...I said they ALL are the problem. They're all part of the one big problem. Tunney slipped and said that they can be de-funded...we need to start hammering away at the source of their money. It won't be easy, but go after the money, and threaten their funding. That's what needs to be done.

  5. Tunney, at last night's meeting, was in a reflective mood--did you catch it--and said in a low voice that he was in support of agencies such as the Crib. You are all more talented than I--but what would be a good way to pin him down about the fact that he supports bringing more homeless into our already crime-ridden neighborhood. Also, I would like to say that Tunney keeps going on about "action plans" and working together. Why does he not just ask for a show of hands? Who's in favor of something being done to bring about more arrests of criminals who are taking over our neighborhood--and to see it's done FAST. Then he will have gotten the "listening to constituents" phase over with quickly. He is still in the "listening to constituents" phase for over four years now as a post from his office back in 1999 states. And didn't you just dig his total failure over Wrigley (not that I care--I think the investment's great--as a VICTORY. What a wimp. What a liar, indeed!

  6. This police district gets no outside sources for help, that being extra help from other units within the CPD. That's the problem. Northside communities are not on the radar of the city administration nor the brass of the CPD. They just don't care. Ask any officer - I have - and he will tell you what a complete mistake was made in merging the 2 districts. He will also tell you how the 19th district sends their cops on details all over the city, and on the spur of the moment like they did to a neighboring district over the weekend, but no one asks for officers to be detailed in to areas like Clark St and Halsted where a lot of crime is happening daily. I have a hard job. So do our police officers. We can, as a community, make it easier for them by not letting up on the alderman, but also start to make waves with the mayor and the superintendent.

  7. If he knew, he's a liar. If he didn't, he's an idiot. I'd love an explanation of the "much more pressing issues" that kept him AND his staff so busy that they aren't informed on these matters. Quality of life is one of the main reasons we chose to live in this area. I (and a LOT of other people) didn't spend a million bucks on a home and 20+K a year in property taxes to legitimately fear being jumped from behind. It's time for meaningful action to stem the tide that could effectively erode our quality of living for a long period. In a somewhat unrelated manner I had the unfortunate need to call 911 for a noise complaint last weekend. I HATE having to use the police resources for this, but that was what I had been instructed to do. The officers were helpful, friendly, polite, professional, which I appreciated. What I didn't appreciate is that I know how strapped they are for time and they had to waste valuable time intervening in a situation for me. I truly appreciated the officers I dealt with. I simply hope we can get them the resources they need.

  8. Crime? What crime? The Wrigley rooftops and Ann Sather are crime free.

  9. Paul@justoneperson.netAug 6, 2013, 10:03:00 AM

    Not to worry - I'll have copies from the last two Inside-Boosters available for anyone that wants them.

    Maybe someone can stop by his office today and drop off a copy of this weeks issue, along with the print out from the CLEARsite. He can take up the numbers with the police, I suppose, since something MUST be wrong, according to him.

    Drop me an email if you'd like to help with our Just One Person campaign. No late night patrols, I promise.

  10. Anonymous said...
    The officers were helpful, friendly, polite, professional, which I appreciated. What I didn't appreciate is that I know how strapped they are for time and they had to waste valuable time intervening in a situation for me. I truly appreciated the officers I dealt with. I simply hope we can get them the resources they need.

    This should be framed, Anonymous. We're blessed to have a such a remarkable collection of officers dedicated to our neighborhood. It's a small collection, yes, but a remarkable one. Thank you, officers.

    Thank you, too, Anonymous for taking a moment to recognize them.

  11. We should cut the alderman down to 25. They clueless hacks.

    And we need term limits.

  12. SoPo Anonymous - Bravo, great post and you are 100% on the money.

  13. heres the deal people, since the merge of 019/023 there has been a loss of 15 Sergeants and 75-90 police officers due to to retirement/promotion/ and bidding out of the district. Do you know how many officers have bid into the new 019 since the merger? Zero, zip nada. Look at the manpower on midnights or should I say lack of manpower. This is truly a dangerous situation for the midnight officers and the citizens as well. Ask Tunney for the manpower numbers of officers working the street on first watch in 019, and you will be shocked to see the complete lack of police coverage. Then on 3rd watch they have almost all one man cars working which severely limits the ability of the officers to truly provide service. It's all in the numbers people. Are you getting the police service/coverage that your tax dollars are paying for? The devil is in the details, don't be fooled if their response is mission or quality of life cars......what's needed is full beat coverage and beat integrity.

  14. "what's needed is full beat coverage and beat integrity."

    Right on. Manpower has been essentially redeployed to lower the murder rate on the south & west sides and the bad pub that Rahm suffers as result.

    This isn't going to change until the citizens of 19/23 are heard in sufficient numbers to change it OR until someone gets robbed & killed on the street in LV.

    I personally would rather go down the former path.

  15. Jeff on BuckinghamAug 6, 2013, 4:03:00 PM

    Hey Danny in Lakeview.

    I wasn't at the crib meeting last night. But, if Tunney really is unaware or just playing dumb, then I'm as upset as the rest of you.

    So, yes, I'll admit that I was wrong. Tunney doesn't seem to be giving the crime issue the highest level attention it deserves.

    What can we do now?

    Picket with signs outside his office? If it was a slow news day and enough people participated, it could be effective.

    Or, we could protest at his "community walk". August 9th, midnight, by the way.

    I would still like to see Rahm and McCarthy be held accountable. Without those 2 feeling the heat, do you think Tunney will successfully be able to lobby for more police resources?

    1. Jeff on Buckingham,
      You are my new hero! You stand firmly in your convictions, and admit being let down. You are a bigger man than most!
      Picketing his office seems like a good start. Ironically, we would probably end up in a squad car with cracked heads, but desperate times...
      I agree that the local media has been glaringly absent during most of the horrible events over the past half dozen years. My thinking is, being Chicago, they have agreements to keep the crime reports isolated to the South and West sides. Toss in a Michigan Avenue apple picking and that's that.
      Certainly there must exist some well connected neighbors of ours who can request some favors. Until Walter Jacobson or Pam Zekman start a week-long exposé of our 'situation' I don't think we have a hope in hell.
      Tunnochio either has nerves of steel or is clinically anoxic when it comes to pride, reputation, the ability to look in a mirror. I think of him as nothing but a disgrace.
      All the planters and movie nights on the Hawthorne Academy lawn mean shit to me while I can't walk freely on my own street. Literally.
      He has done great things done for the community, both past and present, but I can not get past the effect his ineffective leadership regarding public safety and trust has placed all of us in. This decreased quality of life issue is not going away this year and who knows how many more. Chances are good I won't then be living in this neighborhood I loved, moved here to settle in almost thirty years ago.
      I agree absolutely that the mayor and police superintendent have blood on their hands too. Also, I agree that their cooperation is vital to the return of our neighborhood to safety and positive qualities found in most diverse, liberal, North American neighborhoods.
      We have to put our heads together and plan ways to become and stay visible, discussing, shouting our dissatisfaction, anger, this Summer, and all through the Fall and Winter when crime has classically slows down.
      Big brave thugs don't do well when it gets chilly. Almost laughable. Maybe punishing the perps with winter snow removal and sidewalk maintenance November through April would be an effective deterrent. Six months of winter labor per iPhone theft. Plus more for the robbery of course.
      And has anyone called Apple? What can they offer a city suffering like we are due to theft for resale of their product? How about AT&T giving free crap flip phones to iPhone customers to carry when out on the town (drinking). No one will commit felony robbery for one of those.
      Just a smattering of ideas for anyone to grab hold of!!
      And late night positive loitering should be a consideration. Also the groups of dog walkers was a great idea!

      Danny in Lakeview

  16. I like the idea of picketing Tunney's office, rather than a community walk, especially after denying he knew about the #1 robbery ranking. Like others have said, he is either extremely unaware of the stats and recent publicity or outright lying. Which do you believe?

  17. His ward's stats have been shit for years.
    He knows.
    He is a liar.

  18. You all are getting soooo bent out shape over all of this crime stuff. We have Divy bikes! Also, Rahm is putting in his Depaul megaplex! Chicago...the city that works...on window dressing.

  19. Don't forget tha the XO of the 019th District is Captain Ryan, his cousin is Alderman Pat Oconnor, floor leader for the city council. Maybe he can get some badly needed resources to the 019th district. He is approachable so maybe setting up a meeting with him could produce some results.