Sunday, August 11, 2013

STILL WAITING: Cops Swamped With Calls, Denied Lunches Overnight

Alderman Tunney? Um, hi.

Yes, sir, about your promise that we would have a police saturation team and additional officers brought into our district on weekends.

When, exactly, should we expect to see some improvement?

The 19th district ran out of cars to dispatch to calls again this morning. It started between midnight and 1 o'clock, then dragged with little improvement until sunrise. As soon as a car would become available, they would be assigned to the highest priority call awaiting service.

That's two nights in a row that we've run out of officers. The no-cop-available Radio Assignment Pending (RAP) status remained in effect for most of the night. Overnight officers were denied their lunches in order to chip away at pending assignments.

Thank God for the overnight sergeant on duty last night. While no squad cars were available, he hustled from priority call to priority call. Making contact, assessing the situation, doing his best before getting pulled away to the next call.

Whenever you're ready to follow through on that promise of additional officers, it'd be great.

Thanks, Tom.


  1. Maybe the poor darling meant a 3 day weekend, like Labor Day.

  2. I heard some lunches asked for at 9pm pushed to maybe midnight, maybe?

    1. Two different shifts.

  3. Anonymous said...
    I heard some lunches asked for at 9pm pushed to maybe midnight, maybe?
    Lunches are not allowed during RAPs, so they were denied on overnights.

  4. By the way, betaing up on Tunney is fun, but what dso your State Reps think of this? I haven't heard either the state senator or house members brought into this at all. Does anyone know their names? Hint: they share an office with Tunney.

  5. state senator is that asshat "call me mr. president" Cullerton and state rep sara "i do what they tell me" Fiegenholz. they're both idiots but if you wanna waste yer time, have at it.

  6. I contacted Fiegenholz a while back about all of this and never got so much as an acknowledgment in reply.

    At some point this mess will have to land where it really the mayor's feet.

  7. Perhaps the community can come together and come up with some ideas on how to successfully combat crime in the area. Waiting for the city doesn't seem to be working out.

  8. paul@justoneperson.netAug 12, 2013, 9:27:00 PM

    David system Michael. Drop me an email or we've been trying to get people together, but no ones stepping forward, much.

    Were not into night patrols.