Monday, August 12, 2013

STILL MORE REDDIT TALES: Yet Another Lakeview Victim's Story Goes Online

For the second time today, a citizen appears to be putting the details of a Lakeview robbery story online at Reddit.

The post may refer to the robbery at 4:47AM Sunday morning that we reported on.
My roommate and I just moved to Chicago 10 days ago. Last night as my roommate was walking home from the bar he was jumped by two men. They punched him behind the head and continued to beat him even though my roommate was already knocked out on the floor. The only thing they stole was his phone.
What I find equally disturbing though is that the police explained to my roommate that it was the third like incident this month in the same area, and they seemed to be more concerned about filing a report for the stolen iphone instead of the attack. 
CWB cannot be certain of the Reddit post's veracity.

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  1. Someone needs to start a youtube channel, and anyone who's been victimized (who's willing) could post a message filmed at the location of the crime with whatever business is there clearly visible that gives the date, address, details of the incident and police response (good or bad). they can also give the proximity of the crime to the police station and to the office of the Alderman and State Representative. Anyone who is able to safely film gangs and mobs and fighting could post that as well.

    It's obvious that the media is going to tow the "perceived increase" message and blame the victims. These reddit postings seem to be catching on and getting a lot of comments. There should be a "diary" of what's happening here posted onto would resonate far more than some 30 second whitewash segment by some local media hack.