Saturday, August 10, 2013

STAY SAFE: Our Best Advice

We thought we'd put this link to our safety suggestions up top as midnight approaches.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Just dialed 911 - they are not picking up even after 7 rings.

  2. a 24 year CPD veteran, thank you for posting these safety tips!! I just wish more people would heed them. Driving around late at night, I still see people (especially women) yakking on their phones, in total oblivion and walking down allies. That said, I'd like to share a few things with you.

    For 10 years, I worked out of the Detective Division (and I don't care that McCarthy renamed it the Detective Bureau, this ain't NYPD!!) at Harrison\Kedzie. The level of violence, inhumanity, apathy and poverty shocked me. When transferred to Belmont/Western 3 years ago, I was ready for a change. I was looking forward to less violence & dealing with people who actually worked for a living and didn't sit around waiting for a government "handout."

    I was surprised at the level of street violence (not including the Uptown/Wilson area) here. The Belmont/Sheffield and Halstead St area have become a cesspool. And, its only getting worse. A few years ago, someone pointed a finger at The Center on Halstead as being ground zero for the street crime increasing. I believe that is absolutley true.

    For years, Boystown was one of the worse kept secrets in the city. You didnt have hoards of drunken bachelorette patrties traipsing up and down Halstead, bus loads of tourist gaping and tons of underaged youths hanging out, causing mayhem. Once the center opened, you had youths from all over coming up here. However, since they are underage, there's nothing lfor them to do but hang out. Unfortunately with them came the predators...young men who pretend to be gay or gay friendly, but use the area as a hunting ground.

    I have 2 dear friends who live in Boystown & I would be devastate if something ever happened to either of them. I'm constantly reminding them to be vigilant whee out & take a cab home after 10pm, even if its just a few blocks.

    Don't believe everything you read in the papers or see on the news. When I started, there were over 13,000 officers. Now, we're down to around 8000. For a city this size, that's insane!! Those of us in the trenches have been complaining for years how short staffed we are. But, like everything else in this city, those concerns fell on deaf ears. Daley never lived the police, so when it came time to slash the budget, we alsway got he short straw. Now the reality is setting in for some alderman, but we've reached a critical point. It is going to take years to get back those numbers. With upwards of 30 officers retiring every month, a class of 100 here or there aint gonna cut it!!

    The residents have to be able to take back their neighborhoods. I'm old school, so I say "by any mean necessary." But your blog is a good start. Keep up the great work!!