Thursday, August 08, 2013

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Flyer Available For Download And Distribution

Awww, snap!

Our CWB readers have come through again. Now available for download is this crisp, simple, and informative one-sheet that everyone is invited to print out, post, and share.

This is a perfect way for businesses to remind their customers to stay safe.

It's ideal for sharing with doe-eyed Market Days visitors who may not be fully aware of Chicago's, uh, tourist offerings.

These flyers are thin enough to slide under your neighbors' doors and light weight enough to be posted on community bulletin boards with nothing more than a staple or thumbtack. Pure genius.

Printing out, sharing, and posting a few of these is a great way for each of us to do our part to get the word out as we work toward a safer neighborhood.

Thank you, Anonymous!
CLICK HERE for the PDF designed for home printers and general use. (61kb)

CLICK HERE for the PDF designed for digital (full bleed) devices. (61kb)

UPDATE: Fixed a typo@ 10:50AM