Saturday, August 24, 2013


Multiple witnesses called 911 at 2:30 this morning to report a man down after being severely beaten near the Taco Bell across from Wrigley Field, 1111 W. Addison. The attack may have happened near Smart Bar, 3730 N. Clark, but the fire department was asked to respond to the Addison address.

While fire responded promptly, police units were unavailable to handle the call for two hours.

After the Air Force veteran and current South Loop resident was downed by the beating, two other offenders were seen stripping him of his valuables.

Dispatchers tried to assign the call to police again at 2:57AM, nearly a half hour after the man was beaten, but the officer they tried to give it to was tied up processing an arrest in the station.

The victim was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

At 4:23AM, two hours after the attack and robbery, a police unit became available to handle the call. An officer contacted the victim at Illinois Masonic and filed his report. Originally classified as an aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, the case was subsequently upgraded to robbery under case #HW421277.

This was only one of last night's robberies in Wrigleyville and Boystown. Other CWB reports today document at least three additional robberies from overnight, as well as a slashing/stabbing near the Belmont Red Line. The entire district was depleted of officers.

Update December 1, 2013

A few items that CWB has learned in the weeks since this incident:

The "dangerous weapon" with which the victim was beaten was  his attacker's orthopedic arm cast. The victim was said to have sustained "serious" injuries according to the police report. In the days and weeks following the attack, the police department downgraded the beating from "aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon" to simple battery.

The decision to downgrade from aggravated battery to simple battery is interesting, particularly since the 19th district asked the 1st district to send an officer to notify the victim's girlfriend of his injuries. Requesting such notification across districts would be highly unusual for a case in which injuries only reached "simple battery" level.

The police report also states that the victim's property was stolen by a second offender and the valuables were taken from the victim's back pocket while he was on the ground. The police department classified the removal of the man's valuables as a "theft" rather than a "robbery."

The battery offender is male, white, about 28 years old, 5'8" tall
The "theft" offender is male, black, about 32 years old, 6-feet tall.


  1. Wow this pisses me off. Air Force veteran? So this guy has survived war but could not make it through Boystown without being beaten. As a gay man, I have always been politically liberal. Now I'm a conservative and look forward to conceal and carry laws so that people can protect themselves.

  2. But ABC news says the most you have to wait is 15 minutes!

  3. Send this to the news stations that a AIR FORCE VETERAN has to wait TWO HOURS for cops to help him when he has served our country at war!!!! What excuse will Tunney and the Sargeant make now to the news explaining the TWO HOUR WAIT for our own veterans. This should be sent to every news agency including CNN!!!!!!

  4. This is un-f'ing-acceptable. We pay the tax dollars yet get nothing for it.

  5. ...and the Mayor remains silent.

  6. Unbelievable....yet people feel sorry because Tunney is heckled. He should not only be heckled but tarred and feathered. And then set in the middle of 20 or 30 patrons of the Crib....THAT project is something I believe him about when he gasses about what he's committed to around here. No commitment to the taxpayers, the servicemen but plenty of commitment to the "transient youth." Unbelievable. And he was angry because I said he has been lying to us for four years....If he gets elected again, WE deserve whatever happens.

  7. Say what you will about the finally-shuttered Chateau Hotel. Somewhere, somehow, the residents had to come up with money to pay their rent. Even if it meant budgeting their welfare checks. The Chateau, thus, is a higher threshold place than are agencies such as the Crib, Broadway Youth Center, and the COH! Yet we are supposed to welcome THEM into our midst. DEFUNDING THESE PLACES MUST BE A PRIORITY AND THE MONEY SAVED SPENT ON INCREASED POLICE PROTECTION FOR LAKEVIEW.

  8. Wait a minute ... what happened to the special details, and foot patrols, and other enhancements Tunney and Voulgaris promised a few weeks back??? This is an outrage. This needs to be brought up early (if not first) on the "citizen comment/question" portion of the next [useless] CAPS meeting. Tunney needs to be held accountable. Voulgaris needs to be held accountable.

  9. Wait a minute ... what happened to the special details, and foot patrols, and other enhancements Tunney and Voulgaris promised a few weeks back???
    They are there it's just perception they aren't.
    Crime is down. Center on Halsted and the SS agencies aren't causing any crime.

  10. Foot partols and details do not respond to 911 calls, unless they are RIGHT there. 019 needs more cops ON PATROL. If there are not enough cars to take calls, adding more silly foot posts won't help that!

  11. Just SICKENING!!!

  12. If the wait time for 911 to answer is past the 5 minute mark, obviously no one can wait to report a crime.
    Then hours to respond to a call, when someone could have easily died...this is a great way to decrease reports of robberies.
    The immorality of Tunney, er al is sickening.
    I feel really bad for the cops in our district. They must worry about having no backup when the shit hits the fan.
    Oh yeah, ALDERMAN TUNNEY!!
    We pay your fucking salary you worm.
    Time for the National Guard to take over the gangland South & West sides and to bring our police officers back to our district.

  13. With Tunney, you are talking to a cinder block wall. Need to go way over his and Rahm's head.

  14. Anonymous said...
    With Tunney, you are talking to a cinder block wall. Need to go way over his and Rahm's head.


    Unless we misunderstood our school instructors, you and the rest of the citizens are the ones who are over their heads. It seems that got turned upside down somewhere along the line.

  15. You may have misunderstood what I meant. Going over somebody's head is to go directly to whoever he answers to.

    Who does the Mayor answer to ? By definition, nobody, but his city's financial performance, which he controls via the budget process, will be scored by rating agencies. So his performance rating is to an extent renders Moody's and others effectively his boss.

    Moody's needs to be aware of all the gory details that will lead to the de-gentrification of this affluent area by his disregard to citizen needs, particularly felonies, gangs, and schools, which will reduce residential and small business revenue faster than he can cajole corporations to move to the Loop, and will suffer more credit downgrades if his behavior continues. The South and West Sides are shooting galleries, the North Side is now spotty at best with regards to terror via robberies and beatings.

    A junk bond rating,linked to his de-gentrification policies, is the only stimuli he will react to. There is no apparent primary challenger, and an opponent will likely to be outspent 10 to 1. His polls are still 48:40 in favorable. He simply will not listen to constituent's concerns. He doesn't have to and he won't. There is no other way to get through to him.His power is all that matters to him. Chicago is stuck with him until 2019.


  16. He simply will not listen to constituent's concerns. He doesn't have to and he won't.
    Agreed. It's all upside down. We continue to be amazed when people complain that we should be "nice" to elected officials who lie about critical issues such as violent crime and refuse to take action.

    They work for us, not the other way around.

    Thanks for taking part in the conversation on CWB. We appreciate it!

  17. Well part of the issue is we vote people like this into office. I posted about this a few days ago and I do not remember if it was posted or commented on, but wjat are the recall rules for elections in the city of Chicago. We need to vote our illustrious alderman out. What about having a few people in the hospitals that are trained by cod to take reports. that way officers do not have to get off the street to do paperwork during the most important time period

  18. Foot patrols are a joke. Cops need to be in cars or on bikes. On foot you could be a block from a robbery and take more time to get there than a car or a bike coming from 2-3 times the distance. And once there you certainly can't cruise around looking for the bad guy. They are a waste of manpower. The sole purpose of a cop on foot is to make businesses "feel good" about police protection while providing minimal coverage.