Thursday, August 29, 2013

RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY: Curious Gents Jackrabbit Away From Cops

A witness reported two men behaving suspiciously in the alley between Buckingham and Aldine, east of Halsted around 5 o'clock this morning. According to the caller, two men, one of whom wore khaki pants, were looking into car windows and pulling on car doors as they walked along.

Quickly-responding officers arrived in time to see the subjects, one of whom was further described as male, black, 6-feet tall, wearing a sleeveless white t-shirt, hop a fence and run northbound in the 600 block of Buckingham. A citizen reported seeing them continue running northbound past Broadway United Methodist church. The individuals were not located.

Coincidentally, minutes after the suspects fled Buckingham, at 5:13AM, a resident reported a man stealing money from an apartment building's laundry room in the 700 block of Brompton. The offender, described as male, black, 6'4" to 6'5" tall with braided hair who wore a gray t-shirt, and a baseball hat, was gone when officers arrived.


  1. There's the 5am time frame again. That's become a dangerous time if you start work early like I do. I'm very cautious when I go out to my garage in the morning now...too many places for people to hide or lurk around.

    I've put together a group of neighborhood residents, and we're planning what actions we can take to make a difference in our own way. For starters, we've posted an on-line petition that will go to the mayor, Superintendent McCarthy, Aldermen Tunney and Cappleman and Police Commander Voulgaris. We've avoided being contentious or confrontational, and instead have offered up what we think needs to be done to imrove the conditions in the neighborhood. I hope people will sign it, and pass it off to others to sign. The more signatures we can get the better it will be when we meet with some of these figures in person.

  2. Michael, We'd like to help your team coordinate your efforts. Please shoot me an email

  3. From a condo association on Brompton:

    Last week, this man in the attached picture was witnessed entering and exiting every lobby vestibule in the west courtyard. He was approached by owners who live in the west courtyard if they could help him. He claimed to be looking for an apartment. When they asked him the name of the person he was visiting, he said, that he was looking for places to live. After they asked a few more questions, he quickly walked away, not stopping anywhere else to "apartment hunt". Four packages have gone missing recently according to the UPS driver. It seems to be happening a lot everywhere. Please consider having your packages redirected or delivered only with signature required.

  4. I live in the 700 block of Brompton, can we see the picture that was attached to the condo association letter? Thanks!

  5. How do you post pictures?

  6. Anonymous said...
    How do you post pictures?
    You can upload it to

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  7. I too live in the 700 block of Brompton - we're a small street! In the past month, a neighbor's car was broken into while parked in the back driveway. I'm convinced night time thugs are patrolling the neighborhood during the day to scout out the neighborhood.