Sunday, August 18, 2013

RAP IT UP: Cops Depleted Sunday Morning

Yep. Second day in a row that we've run out of cops. The RAP (Radio Assignment Pending) status was in effect from 3:36AM until 6:11AM.


  1. A 'RAP' that lasts over 2 and 1/2 hours. That is significant, and intolerable!

  2. But Tunny promised to bring additional Police Officers into the district on weekends. An Entertainment Detail, Bicycle Patrols and some kind of Mobile Force but that was before he shouted to a citizen to " SHUT UP " at one of the beat meetings. Guess it's not going to happen.

    Tom ?, Tom ? are you listening ? Tom ? ? ? ?

  3. I know CTA workers are not police, but a man was laying face down passed out on the Belmont el platform early this morning. When I saw it and pressed the assistance button numerous times, no one came! He could have been assaulted (or maybe just drunk). What gives?!