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OPEN FORUM: Share Your Thoughts On Tonight's CAPS Meeting

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  1. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the CAPS meeting. Will you be posting a recap?

  2. I just came from the CAPS meeting.
    The common refrain was "we have to work together."
    What I had confirmed is that we collectively as a community are far too politically correct to name the problem.
    If the problem can't be named, it can't be addressed.
    And it's our liberal attempt to be politically correct that will keep this problem from being solved.
    It is our liberal politically correct and passive attitude that has allowed the nameless problem to infiltrate and grow.
    Commander Voulgaris said early in the evening that often his (and his officers') hands are tied - meaning that because of people screaming human rights violations they can often do nothing. We need to have the tools to set the tone that the thugs are not welcome here. We don't have those tools in the form of laws or manpower.
    If our only course is to call 911, we are swatting flies that will continue to multiply.

  3. The interesting exclamation point at the end of the meeting was Tunney screaming "SHUT UP" to someone in the crowd. That didn't go over well.
    I see another graphic for the t-shirts coming.

  4. The "Shut Up! Shut Up!" was sort of like the fireworks finale. I got the distinct impression Cappleman rather enjoyed it.

    1. Is it just me, or just Ald. Cappleman come of as a complete gentleman, and Tunney is a rude, ignorant prick?!

    2. That should have read "comes off as a complete gentleman". Sorry.

  5. Craig Collins...just one person, who won't shut up.Aug 7, 2013, 10:15:00 PM

    I'm so sorry I couldn't make the meeting. It sounds as though Tom Turkey has completely lost his mind. Yelling "shut up, shut up" at a constituent? Seriously? I hope that someone caught this on video. This man obviously has no sense of decorum. As I type this, I hear a large fight outside of my building on Elaine Place.

  6. When the two Aldermen walked in, the distinction was profound: Cappleman was dressed in nice slacks and a sportcoat. Tunney looked like he had just been released from the hospital, still a little medicated, dressed in a ratty stretched-out tshirt and eating a bag of popcorn. It was not a good image.

  7. Tonight Tom Tunney shouted down one of his constituents at a District 19 Beat meeting, telling him to "SHUT UP!" in front of a room of 70+ constituents. Call Tom Tunney tomorrow and tell him it is unacceptable for him to behave this way and remind him that he works for US! Taxpayers deserve to be treated with RESPECT! 773-525-6034

  8. Paul@justoneperson.netAug 7, 2013, 10:58:00 PM

    My thoughts are many - but the one thing I got from the Commander of the District is that he couldn't answer a single question without starting to talk about statistics in otehr wards ...when the simple question was how many officers did you lose with the combination of the districts. Oh and the lockup is "out of his hands"...we have a lockup they cannot use.

    I am 100% convinced that Tunney should, no, MUST go now.

    I literally walked out of the meeting when Tommy Tune started his SHUT UP rant. Sadly, no one else followed ;)

    And I guess Im the only one using the logos! LOL

  9. So, who is running for Alderman against him? Anyone want to tap into that stream of Ricketts campaign cash?

  10. You all should start iPhone video taping these meetings. Have them stream live via your iTunes. A great way for his competition to use in commercials when he is voted out of office.

  11. I read this blog regularly and I did attend the CAPS meeting tonight, although I've never commented on here. I really hate Tom Tunney and the crime situation that has been all over Halsted the last 2 years....but anyone who sums up that meeting by saying Tom yelled "shut up, shut up!" is being completely inaccurate. That happened at the very end and only after I really believe he had sincere answers for once to some of the situations around town, like 711/the crib/Subway. I thought the the Commander that gave out his info was honestly being sincere and trying to help the problem.

    Yes, I think Tom vs Cappleman was a great observation. The other Alderman was wearing a suit and seemed very sincere with some of his responses vs Tom Tunney that looked like he just walked out of the gym, was eating popcorn in the beginning (came for the show?) and at one point his eyes were closing like I used to do in college. I wish someone would have pressed him more about the comments he made about businesses having to take care of the area outside the front door.....hello? Ann Sathers/Belmont shitshow?

    The people that were angry, I GET IT. The people that were angry and yelling dumb responses but never had any suggestions, probably not your best use of time going to these meetings. The one guy next to the Roscoes owner, I'm sorry, but yelling "superman" and "dumb idiot" every single time that Tom talked isn't going to help the situation. Like it or not he is going to be here for a hot minute, so you might as well be productive and try to help solve the problem.

    Also, the tall skinny guy ,who I assume is associated with this blog, he was sitting next to the guy with the Tom Tunney logo from here, I thought your points were dead on and very well spoken. Hopefully this weekend goes well.....

    In summary, this night should NOT be summed up by "shut up". ugh, I HATE defending Tom Tunney!

    1. Craig Collins...just one person who won't shut upAug 8, 2013, 2:57:00 AM

      There is absolutely no excuse for an Alderman to ever, ever, EVER, tell a constituent to "shut up," regardless of the situation.


  12. Also, the tall skinny guy ,who I assume is associated with this blog, he was sitting next to the guy with the Tom Tunney logo from here, I thought your points were dead on and very well spoken. Hopefully this weekend goes well.....

    Thank you for attending tonight, bc. Thanks for reading and contributing your thoughts to CWB, too.

    The person you speak of is not associated with our blog, however we are flattered . :-)

    Forward ---->

  13. Has the possibility that alderman Tunney may be in the throws of some type or other of dementia been brought up?
    Not knowing his ward's stats, using his "crime is ok speech" 2 summers running, his bizarre crying jags, his boot up the butt of the Ricketts bit. His base "you're just one person" remark.
    Now a complete meltdown with shouting at his constituents, to "Shut up! Shut up!"
    Complete tonight's cluster-fuck with his doped-up, (appearing) dirty & disheveled styling, could we be watching a man mentally decompensating?
    Say what you will about Tunnochio, but he always appeared dapper in a boring, white-bread way, but nevertheless clean.
    If this is what is happening, we deserve to know, and be represented by someone with faculties intact.

  14. The most interesting aspect of the meeting is what was not said, and perhaps the question needs to be reframed, but there was a common thread through much of the discussion tonight that there simply aren't enough officers to respond to every request, and many acknowledged the budget and manpower cuts Commander Voulgaris has to work with. The commander can't publicly make statements saying that he doesn't have enough help - it would be career suicide and we'd be back to square one with a new commander - but his and the Aldermans' calls for everyone to pitch in, that the precinct has to do more with less, are absurd and unacceptable. Yes, we must all pitch in, but telling me that there simply isn't enough money in the budget to make my neighborhood safe is unacceptable. I wanted to ask the aldermen very pointedly, what concrete actions are they taking to increase manpower? The question was asked, what can we do to help increase manpower, but that question was very conveniently sidestepped and it was back to "we all have to pitch in." I don't want excuses or unanswered questions, we need more police officers, period. How do we get that done?

    I'm also annoyed by the "don't be a victim" byline, even though it is helpful to advise people how to avoid being a victim of a crime, but frankly, I pay enough taxes that if I want (or need) to use my goddamn mobile phone on the street in my neighborhood, I should be able to do so without fear of suffering a strongarm.

    1. Craig Collins...just one person who won't shut upAug 8, 2013, 3:00:00 AM

      I guess I will pitch in when the conceal and carry law goes into effect, then.

  15. I noticed that in the beginning Com. Voulgaris said he welcomed the presence of the media, bloggers, etc but requested they not publish any of the strategies that he would discuss - so the criminals wouldn't know.
    Sadly I didn't hear anything that sounded like strategies. Did I miss something?

    1. paul@justineperson.netAug 8, 2013, 1:07:00 AM

      Not a one. Never will happen. We've been doing this four summers.

  16. I thought the suggestion of more foot and bike patrols was constructive and sorely needed. However, something tells me that has been on the table for years. I'm not sure why it hasn't happened before, but it seemed the Commander's announcement of additional patrol officers should help. Many of the crimes can be linked in one way or another to the high number of bars and businesses with liquor licenses. The only way we will see a reduction in crime will be if there is a reduction in the number of bars, and an increase in police foot/bike patrols. They have to be visible and send the message that criminals need to go.

  17. I've had a lot of respect for James Cappleman since he was elected. He took on problems head on (chateau hotel, gangs in uptown etc) and at least 5 times I have seen him outside picking up litter or scrubbing graffiti. He is involved and happy to listen to what his community has to say. His second week in office he visited my business on Broadway and asked what I felt needed to be done in the neighborhood. My only interaction with Tunney was a dead-fish clammy handshake and a mumbled "hi"

  18. Anonymous, if you want to put yourself at risk for being a victim, go right ahead. It's not smart in any large urban area to be walking around, particularly alone, after dark, without always being aware of what's going on around you. And it's just not possible to do that if your face is glued to your phone. It's also not smart in any large, urban area, after dark, to keep your valuables on display. One of the reasons thugs target Boystown is because too many people share your school of thought.

  19. I am the guy who got into it with Voulgaris about Beat 1924 being in 6th place for robberies this past year. Please come to the beat meeting at Illinois Masonic this evening and ask the questions you did not get satisfactory answers to. The unofficial motto of the police department is, "Citizen....if you don't care, we don't care." This is Chicago, and nobody will respect you if you don't fight to protect what is yours. We are fighting for our neighborhood and our property values. Commander Voulgaris does not live in our neighborhood. He needs to explain to us how, under his watch, we have come to be the 'robbery capital' of the North Side. I don't like quoting famous people, but this one is from Margaret Mead, and it fits perfectly: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

    1. It's the robbery capital of the world because Rahm and McCarthy are sending all possible resources to the south and west sides. The district is down at least 70-80 people from march '12 when they merged. No one has been replaced.

  20. Cappleman seems to be a real straight shooter. He is not at all like Tunney. Anyone remember that Tunney voted a big, fat, "YES" for the parking meter deal when Boss Daley told him to?

  21. Good to see a lot of interest in the CAPS meeting. Wish I attended. Nice work to CWB too for publicizing it.

  22. One of the reasons I wish I attended was to see James Cappleman in person. Maybe I will move to Uptown!

  23. This one is for you blog dudes: While at the CAPS meeting this evening, many of us were giving thanks for this blog, because without it, we would not have been brought together. In the future, we intend to use it to organize meetings in locations, other than the police station, so some of the more easily intimidated among us will be able to speak more freely. We are grateful for your considerable efforts.

  24. Plenty of good ideas and some frustrated citizens. Highs and lows:

    1. I’m not sure why Alderman Cappleman was there. Maybe he feels guilty for shoving former Helen Shiller-voting crazies into the 44th ward. I hear Cappelman’s in re-election mode, so personal appearances are everything.

    2. Speaking of appearances, Alderman Tunney’s shorts & T-shirt: WTF? Was he filling in for a cook that didn’t show up at his restaurant or something? Attending one of his Alderman’s office-sponsored senior picnics? Whatever.

    3. Why does every CAPS meeting start with a cop reading off crime reports? Do these folks think we need Statistics 101? Break it down into the five most common violent crimes and move on. No one gives a shit that the police busted five people for smoking a doobie or three people were walking down a sidewalk with a beer.

    4. As usual, the same two or three guys made coherent, commonsense suggestions that went completely over the Alderman and CPD heads. Ideas like: getting the 7-11 to be a better merchant by monitoring their parking lot better, getting more cops to walk beats, being more responsive, et al. For every rational idea, those two or three guys were met with answers that subterfuge the real answer.

    5. One lady made a really good suggestion about utilizing the Open311 online reporting service. Use it people; it does actually work—especially graffiti complaints.

    6. Who’s the guy who attends meetings and makes snippy assertions and negative comments and arguments throughout the meeting, mostly directed at the Alderman? Dude, if you badgered me the way you did Tunney, I’d tell you to shut up, too. No one likes being called names to their face…no matter how many faces Alderman Tunney seems to have.

    7. It’s never pleasant watching an elected official yelling at a constituent, no matter how heated things become. Rise up, Tunney. You’re better than that.

  25. Anonymous said...
    This one is for you blog dudes: While at the CAPS meeting this evening, many of us were giving thanks for this blog, because without it, we would not have been brought together. In the future, we intend to use it to organize meetings in locations, other than the police station, so some of the more easily intimidated among us will be able to speak more freely. We are grateful for your considerable efforts.
    Thank you, Anonymous. We are passionate about our neighborhood and keeping CWB on-point and authoritative.

    There are a lot of neighbors whose eyes pass through here every day. There are few things we could be more proud of than to know that our efforts help others connect for the sake of this little neck of the woods that we love to call home.

    If you have not already, consider checking out this reader's efforts, too.

    Thank you not only for your words of support, but for your passion for the neighborhood. We are delighted to have you as a neighbor!

  26. Cappleman was there, because I live on Beat 1925, and he is my alderman. A result of gerrymandering, but I'm very happy he is mine, and not Tunney.

  27. I'm glad that Alderman Cappleman was present - too often folks forget that Beat 1925 and parts of Beat 1923 are in the 46th Ward. I would like to see more cooperation between the two aldermanic officials in presenting a united solution to crime problems in Lake View that span their wards.

    I'd like to see more foot and bike patrols at night. The comments about 7-11 and Dunkin D's were right on.

    I am convinced the thugs are also spending time in the area during the day scouting out hiding spaces and escape routes that they can use at night. They know that no one is home during the day. Be sure the CPD day shift is watching out for this. I've seen it happening and have chased people out of my yard.

    I live on what I consider an "escape route" away from Halsted - my block has many dark areas where trees block the street lights where groups of roaming youths like to congregate - we need tree trimming in the area to get rid of dark areas so the cops and neighbors can more effective see what goes on on the side streets.

    And I hate to say this, but if Tunney hadn't said it, I think I was about to. It doesn't excuse his action but the comments all night from "The Heckler" and self-acclaimed "dork" where annoying, disruptive, and disrespectful to everyone in the audience.

  28. Craig Collins...just one person who won't shut upAug 8, 2013, 3:04:00 AM

    I have to say, it really saddens me that so many people on thus AMAZING blog have so many intelligent things to say, but hardly anyone has the balls to post their name. What's everyone so afraid of?

  29. Also keep posting this on your Facebook. Especially the responses to articles like this. Copy and paste above URL into your Facebook status along with a description of the site and why Tunney should be ejected!

  30. but hardly anyone has the balls to post their name. What's everyone so afraid of?

    The "anonymous" feature is great. WHO is saying things does not matter. The focus is on IDEAS, not people or personalities. We are forced to consider what is said rather than who said it. If you need the attention by posting your name, then it becomes about YOU rather than what you're saying. Our hard-working friends at CWB remain anonymous, and that's highly commendable. We consider their work, not them, and whoever they are, they have our gratitude.

  31. I-Phone (and Droid) robberies are occurring throughout the Country, so this is not a crime specific to our area. To date, requests by law enforcement to manufacturers to "brick" the phones and make them unusable have fallen on deaf ears despite the certainty that technology is capable of doing so. There needs to be pressure by way of legislators to force Apple et al. to better safeguard their products.

    Until that happens, personally I don't want to be a victim. So I'm not going to be using my I-Phone walking down the street, on the CTA or anywhere where I think it puts me at risk. It's like waving a few hundred bucks in my hand and makes me a target.

  32. "Also, the tall skinny guy ,who I assume is associated with this blog, he was sitting next to the guy with the Tom Tunney logo from here, I thought your points were dead on and very well spoken."

    I'm skinny and I was sitting next to the guy wearing the Tunney logo t-shirt, although I'm not sure that I'd say I'm tall...but in the immortal words of Meat Loaf: "Two out of three ain't bad."

    My question last night was about accountability, or lack there-of. At Monday's Crib meeting I couldn't identify who was actually responsible. It was like a game of hot potato. At the end when the police contact said he would meet with the Crib, and that they could tell him what they were "willing to do" my jaw dropped. They should be TOLD what they will do, and if they don't or if that doesn't solve the problem (that they've caused) then the Crib should be shut down. 7-11, the Shell station, Dunkin Donuts, the 24-hour Subway shop are enabling the problem in this area by allowing their property to be used has hang outs, or catering to the people coming into the area to cause trouble. If there is routinely a mob filling the parking lot of 7-11 at night, that store, and it's corporate headquarter, needs to be held accountable. Obviously, we, the residents of this neighborhood have to educate ourselves on how organizations can be de-funded and businesses held accountable. THAT should be our homework, not walking down the street as part of an alderman's PR stunt.

    The thing that strikes me at CAPS meeting is that all that's talked about is managing the problem (as if what's taken root needs to be accepted and tolerated), no one wants to talk about what the real problem is, and how we can deal with it. Our neighborhood, by design or happenstance, has been allowed to turn into a safe haven for people who want to flock here to cause trouble. We need to make it an uncomfortable place for them to be, and yes, that requires more police officers doing more patrols, but it also means demanding some sort of regulation and oversight being put in place over organizations like The Center, Howard Brown Youth Center and The Night Ministry along with accountability for businesses that are fostering an environment for the trouble makers to congregate.

  33. Just a bit from the dorky Heckler. I am sorry if my comments and attitude insulted the entire crowd. Some think they have; some think they have not. I don't know, really, one way or the other. I am not sorry, however, for the very negative opinion that I have of Tunney. I just do not understand how everyone in the room was not as furious as I about Tunney's performance regarding the crime issue in Lakeview. During the Crib meeting on Monday, I put a print-out in front of him dated from 2009, whereby he stated plans which are, four years later, the same things he is still stating! Things about night patrols, increased police presence, the fact that crime and safety is his number one concern, and on and on. FOUR YEARS later!

    I ask anyone who works, would such poor results be tolerated at a place of business? What if Tunney had a waitperson or a dishwasher and the given employee kept saying that customers were his or her number one concern, but his or her performance was substandard FOUR YEARS LATER? And the employee always made excuses for being late, mixing up orders, breaking dishes, leaving early and so forth. Do you think that Tunney would keep the employee four years. Do you think he would meekly say that it may be his perception that might have been wrong about all the broken dishes, mixed up orders, wrong checks, tardy service? What do you think? Yet we are hearing the same excuses from him for four years. For at least four years, we are told that there will be increased police presence and so forth. Then, after a while, he tells us that things have indeed changed, and that now the problem is merely one of our (mis)perception. Then the cycle begins anew. Would not Tunney fire an employee of his who behaved that way?

    So far as the "superman" comment, almost nothing went his way about Wrigley. That's why he did his infamous "up yours." (By the way, just what kind of alderman would fight people who want to invest 1/2 a BILLION dollars in a crime-ridden ward?) At any rate, he lost the fight. But at the Crib meeting he stated, with glee, that now he could focus on the crime problem in the neighborhood. He presents (his defeat) as a victory! Yet he is angry with me because I feel such behavior is nothing LIES. During all the Wrigley controversy was there ever a statement from the Honorable Alderman's office that crime would be the second priority of his for a while? Not that I saw. And how fake is his facebook page? Many negative comments are deleted, but not all of them, of course. This is so one who stumbles in there can think that the page presents a full and balanced documentation of the views held by his constituents.

    I've been told to shut-up before in my life. I am sure Tunney has, too. People have heckled me before, too. I am not the only person, I am sure, who has ever heckled Tunney. So, no big deal, either way, in my head at least.

    Speaking of heckling, though, why is my heckling of Tunney so offensive, yet the heckling we receive, and often, from the transient youth drawn to our neighborhood is supposed to upset NO ONE?

    I don't want to detract from the good things going on, so, I'll have to think things over...might be best if I shut up here and stay away from the meetings too. Have a good day and a good weekend all.

  34. My problem is not only with the alderman and the police, but also with many of the residents speaking at these meetings. They either get up and praise the police for 5 minutes about how they handled the Hawks celebration, and then wimper out some request to help with crime, or they get up and totally berate the police and alderman in an extremely rude "You lie" guy fashion. Neither of these is productive. Objectivity with a little passion is the way to go.
    No wonder no one with authority cares.

    Also, frankly, these meetings have to be about the crime. The fact that you couldn't sleep on a Friday night or someone peed on your lawn because Pearl Jam played until 2 in the morning has to take a back seat.

  35. It was mentioned in a previous post that we don't have the tools or the manpower to combat an obvious problem. Well we're probably not going to get the manpower, so here are a few ideas for the tools:

    1. Shut down the Belmont and Addison L stops from midnight to 6a. The Red Line is the obvious travel route.

    2. A curfew. Anyone out between the hours of 2a and 6a are subject to stop/search/fine/arrest.

    3. 2a liquor licenses. No more 4a bullshit. People leaving the bars at 2a better be on their way home quickly.

    4. Loitering laws that will pass civil rights scrutiny.

    These are severe, but so is the problem, and they will help the police do their job much better. This is how you reclaim the neighborhood.

  36. Michael - yes, that was you, I guess you looked taller while I was sitting down! ha.

    I thought one of the best points that Tunney made was the lack of '911 reports' on file for some of these businesses that welcome the troublemakers, it seems that is the most important step in getting a business to change. I'll be the first to admit that I complain a ton about these 7-11, Subway, DD's, type businesses but never call in formal that is going to change. There is no reason that 7-11 can't hire a security guard for weekends or that Subway needs to be open all night, I've been in that Subway plenty of times at 4am....if you have to remove all the chairs and tables in your restaurant overnight then that is probably the first sign of an issue. Everyone needs to start calling in things if they want things to really change with these places.

    and to the heckler, you can get your digs in other ways, maybe in the middle of some suggestions or ideas? I hate Tunney just as much as you, but like I said before, he's not going away anytime soon and I would put money down that he will probably be re-elected, so we need to find a solution WITH him.....not by making snippy comments AT him all night. I save my snippy comments for when I see him on the street. ;-)

    Also, I'm surprised noone mentioned the 'murders vs liking ice cream' lady.

  37. After years of Democrat control you now have the police department they all wanted, report writers,now live with it.

  38. It's looking like it may be time to revisit Aldermanic term limits

  39. The dorky heckler doofus is not accomplishing anything positive with his Tourette's Syndrome outbursts. I don't want the police or the Alderman to think that a douche like that is typical of the neighborhood's residents. It can't be helpful for the rest of us.

  40. I posted this on another thread but I'll repost it here. All of you pick a Saturday and STAY HOME. No Nookies, no Starbucks, no Unabridged Books, no Sidetrack. DO NOT SPEND MONEY in Boystown. If you're bored, come up to Mandersonville and check out Hamburger Mary's and the puppet show. Hit the Northalsted Merchants in the pocketbook with a 24 hour boycott and then you'll get some action. All you have are your feet. But the businesses, they have the $25,000 checks that they write out for re-election campaigns. You need to make the businesses suffer. It's that simple girls.

  41. Anonymous said...
    I posted this on another thread but I'll repost it here. All of you pick a Saturday and STAY HOME. No Nookies, no Starbucks, no Unabridged Books, no Sidetrack. DO NOT SPEND MONEY in Boystown. If you're bored, come up to Mandersonville and check out Hamburger Mary's and the puppet show. Hit the Northalsted Merchants in the pocketbook with a 24 hour boycott and then you'll get some action. All you have are your feet. But the businesses, they have the $25,000 checks that they write out for re-election campaigns. You need to make the businesses suffer. It's that simple girls.
    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading CWB and taking part in the conversation. The Boystown "nightlife" has seen dramatic drops in business. The reasons for that drop are social but also related to the late night crime problem. If you can find a Halsted bar worker who doesn't personally know somone who'se been robbed in the past year, buy yourself a lottery ticket. The odds will be in your favor that day.

    At a community meeting about a proposed hotel project, one Halsted Street bar owner literally said that his business is "dying" and that his best hope would be for the hotel project to go through so he could get back the money he's plowed into the business.

    That's a long way of saying that the bars have already been hit by this. The question is why they tolerate it. The owner of Roscoes, Jim Ludwig, is at nearly every CAPS meeting. We can't tell you how many times he sat there as CAPS officers marginalized the violent crime problem because (according to them) it mainly targets people who are out late or who have been drinking.

    If we were Jim Ludwig, we would be in the stratosphere after hearing that even ONE time. Our ears would hear that statement as "the offenders are mainly targeting Jim Ludwig's customer base."