Thursday, August 29, 2013

NOW UP: Online Petition

An online petition is now up and ready for your signature.

A successful petition could bring extra weight to concerns expressed at next week's CAPS meetings.

From the comments:
I've put together a group of neighborhood residents, and we're planning what actions we can take to make a difference in our own way. 
For starters, we've posted an on-line petition that will go to the mayor, Superintendent McCarthy, Aldermen Tunney and Cappleman and Police Commander Voulgaris. We've avoided being contentious or confrontational, and instead have offered up what we think needs to be done to imrove the conditions in the neighborhood. I hope people will sign it, and pass it off to others to sign. The more signatures we can get the better it will be when we meet with some of these figures in person.
The petition addresses crime throughout the area. Readers in neighboring parts of Lake View are encouraged to sign.