Monday, August 12, 2013

NEW: The CWB Daily Ticker

CWB is introducing a new daily feature to help tell the tale of where our neighborhood has been and where we are going.

The CWB Daily Ticker is a dashboard of up-to-the-minute information about robberies in our neighborhood over the past year, 5 years, and 10 years.

As we've often said, this our problem did not spring up overnight. It has built and built over several years. Simply comparing this year to last year misses the huge increase that we saw in 2011 and 2012. The dashboard shows the bigger picture.

Our source is the city itself, with robbery data taken from the City of Chicago Data Portal.

The complete list of 2012 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2008 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2003 robberies is here.

Beat ranking information is from the Chicago Police Department web site.

Our standard statement regarding historical data applies:

The city quarantines crime data for 7 days.

The CPD realigned our area's police beats in March 2012. The lines that divide Chicago police beats literally run down the middle of their shared streets and it is not possible to know with certainty which side of a street crimes were reported on before March 4, 2012.  In order to maintain consistency across all years, we have included all robberies that were reported on both sides of the border streets (Irving Park Road, Southport Avenue, and Belmont Avenue) in our calculations. As a result, our post-March 4, 2012, stats may vary slightly from official records.

Also, note that very recent crime data may fluctuate slightly as crimes are investigated and recategorized. These fluctuations settle out fairly quickly.


  1. It occurred to me last night, listening to the ambient sounds of rare sirens, frequent verbal attacks, and tranny fights. (I'm a 25 year Clark & Belmont resident so I feel confident in my descriptions), that THE CITY OF CHICAGO HAS LOST CONTROL OF CRIME ON THE NORTH SIDE.
    That is a mighty powerful statement and a sobering realization.
    I, nor anyone else should feel that we can expect freedom from harm and that if harmed we can feel that at least someone will be at our aid quickly.
    I have known to not venture out at night or early morning for the last five or six years. That makes me really angry. But now, it has finally sunk in that I LIVE IN A SHITTY, HIGH CRIME CRAP HOLE, THAT I WOULD NEVER VISIT, NEVERMIND LIVE IN, AND THE CITY HAS LIST CONTROL OF A FORMERLY GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD TO A BAND OF THUGS WHO NEED TO BE ROUNDED UP AND LOCKED AWAY!!!!
    I don't want to live in Gary, or Detroit, or Newark, or DC. But I might be better off there.
    I see no change coming fast enough to reverse this trend. The mayor and CPD and that fucking liar asshole spineless Tunney will welcome Winter and use the lowered number of crime reports to skew their stats into making Lake View a great place to live.
    It's not a great place to live. I hate living here. For no other reason than for fear of my partner and I's safety.
    We pay far too much tax to not have a sense of security in our home.
    We are renters. Some renters are stupid enough to believe that because they don't write a check as property owners do, to the city for property tax, they don't pay property tax & can't complain.
    Wake up! Smarten up! The reason rents are high here are because you are paying your property taxes to your landlord who then pays the city.
    I called 911 for an insanely out of control party on Saturday night. Yes I felt guilt. To even bother the understaffed, overworked police. The phone rang about twenty times.
    This party was outside in a tiny space, surrounded by three story & higher buildings creating a deafening indescribable noise. There was a DJ with all his equipment and about two to three hundred fucked up barely twenty year olds, stoned on everything, losing their collective marbles seemingly in unison. It looked like a definite problem was soon to start up.
    I don't know if the cops came, I can't imagine a loud music call warranted a response on a night with RAP status. I went back to bed with head phones on. Great if the smoke alarm hues off.
    My point is, there are police cameras all over the place. Belmont & Clark, Belmont & Sheffield, undoubtedly cameras at the Belmont L. What do those cost, they might as well not be there. They do nothing.
    What will happen when the shit really hits the fan one night. Say an extra busy thug night. Then a black-out. So no lights and twice the thugs.
    Who do the police call? How long does that take?
    Chicago has lost the war on crime and no one really seems to care.
    No one in city hall that is.
    This is a lawless hell hole and we need immediate permanent help.
    Something really, really awful is just waiting to happen. Everyone can feel it.
    I will hopefully be gone to another state by then.

  2. The City has lost control of crime period. The spin doctors will continue to tell you that crime is down and that there are enough officers on the street. The County, the State, and the judges will continue to early release violent offenders. It's all about the $$$$$$ so that it can be spent elsewhere to support corporate welfare.

    What I don't appreciate is references to the correlation of taxes anyone pays as a barometer of how well protected you should be. Really?

    Say that to the 72 year old who was knocked to the ground for her purse in East Beverly at 4:30 in the afternoon by a 14 and 15 year old causing her pelvis to be shattered. If she pays less taxes than you should she have less of an expectation to be protected? And the culprits in this case? Judge Lana Johnson placed them on curfew and released them to their parents. Prosecutors had asked that they be held. THIS is a HUGE part of the problem.

    Per the Tribune: "The incident happened as the woman was taking a shortcut through an alley. She said she had an uneasy feeling that someone was very close behind her. “I just wasn’t aware. I didn’t pay attention that there was anyone watching me."

    It is terrible that we have to live in a constant state of awareness but what choice do we have if we don't want to be victimized?