Saturday, August 17, 2013

NEARBY: Bold Home Invasion On Fletcher Avenue

A North Center homeowner called for help at 2:10 this morning after two gunmen kicked in the back door of his home, tied the man and his wife up, then stole $1,800 cash and the woman's diamond ring.

The shocking home invasion robbery unfolded in the 2000 block of West Fletcher, just west of Lakeview.

According to the victims, their attackers were both short, heavy-set male, Hispanics between 30 and 35 years of age. One may have worn a gray hoodie. Both were armed.

Chicago Police Department case #HW411187


  1. WOW ! I was sure that this weekend Tunny and the Commander were going to bring in the big guns to help out. Guess it will be next weekend then.

  2. There no longer are "Big Guns". The Specialized Unit that would have solved these problems by saturating the area with young motivated volunteer cops, was called Mobile Strike Force and it was disbanded by McCarthy when he arrived, with Rahm's approval. The District Big Guns are the District Tactical Teams, and one of them was disbanded this week.

  3. Most of you probably saw this fluff piece on Tunney:

    "Tunney stepped in as a business owner in Lakeview long before it was Lakeview. Fraught with gang violence and abandoned storefronts, Lakeview was not the trendy neighborhood it is today."

    However, it appears he was once an upstanding citizen and business owner from 30 years ago, but has allowed himself to be corrupted with Wrigleyville and turn narcissistic on his original stomping grounds, and helping to destroy the very area he once helped to rebuild.

    Dr. Fraud would have a challenge with him. I certainly don't get it.

  4. Thank you for your reporting, however, I can not help but point out that none of the major news outlets in the city picked this story up! That is very disturbing as this is not some minor incident.

  5. Right you are, Russ Z. We haven't seen it covered in the "authoritative" and "reliable" outlets, either.

    The last time we reported a home invasion, the Sun-Times ran a story on it...six days later.