Sunday, August 25, 2013

MISCELLANY: Put Yer Dang Clothes On

7:36PM August 24, 2013
UNIT 1915: 915
DISPATCHER: Your location?
UNIT 1915: Right next to my last location. What you need?
DISPATCHER: Um…GPS shows you in Lake Michigan, that's all.

11:44PM August 24, 2013
Police were called to the Circle K/Shell gas station at Halsted and Addison because there was a naked man in the bathroom who refused to leave. He was gone when the cops arrived.

2:53AM August 25, 2013
A passer-by reported what they believed to be a sexual assault in progress near Clark and Oakdale. According to the caller, a woman was on the ground while a man in green and black pants stood and pleasured himself as a second man looked on.

Officers made contact with the woman who said she knows the men and there was no need for the police.