Friday, August 23, 2013

MISCELLANY: Overnight Tidbits

In addition to last night's possible return of the "Two thugs, one gun" street robbers in an attack near Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home and a group-on-group robbery near the Blue Man Group's theater, these items were noted by the CWB team:

If The Shoe Fits, Steal It
A male victim reported being robbed and having his shoes taken at Belmont and Orchard, between Halsted and Lake Shore Drive, at 12:10AM.

The disposition of the alleged robbery incident is not known.

Suspicious Indeed
911 received a call from a concerned citizen at 1:20 this morning who reported seeing three people behaving suspiciously on Aldine Avenue near Halsted Street.

According to the caller, two of the suspects were walking down the street pulling on car door handles while a third individual seemed to act as lookout from the opposite side of Aldine.

The individuals were described as
#1 - male, black, dreads, black coat with a white stripe
#2 - male, black
#3 "Lookout" - male, black, teens, small afro, Army t-shirt

Officers quickly made contact with three individuals matching these descriptions at Halsted and Aldine.