Friday, August 23, 2013

MISCELLANY: Overnight Tidbits

In addition to last night's possible return of the "Two thugs, one gun" street robbers in an attack near Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home and a group-on-group robbery near the Blue Man Group's theater, these items were noted by the CWB team:

If The Shoe Fits, Steal It
A male victim reported being robbed and having his shoes taken at Belmont and Orchard, between Halsted and Lake Shore Drive, at 12:10AM.

The disposition of the alleged robbery incident is not known.

Suspicious Indeed
911 received a call from a concerned citizen at 1:20 this morning who reported seeing three people behaving suspiciously on Aldine Avenue near Halsted Street.

According to the caller, two of the suspects were walking down the street pulling on car door handles while a third individual seemed to act as lookout from the opposite side of Aldine.

The individuals were described as
#1 - male, black, dreads, black coat with a white stripe
#2 - male, black
#3 "Lookout" - male, black, teens, small afro, Army t-shirt

Officers quickly made contact with three individuals matching these descriptions at Halsted and Aldine.


  1. I hope it's not false hope, but I am glad to see that there has been police presence and recent cop activity peppered throughout many of the recent stories on the blog. Keep up the work, officers.

  2. Agreed, I am glad to see an increased police presence and I do think it is having a positive effect. But, it might only be happening because we are at that point where the kids go back to school and so it might be timed to try to make all of us "go away" and stop talking about the crime.

    I am worried that this is a temporary "surge" in police and that it will go away after a few weeks and then crime will go back up again.

    However, I want there to continue to be an INCREASE in police presence at the major intersections of the Lakeview area. I want the city to hire 3000 more police and station them mostly on the North Side, especially Lakeview.

  3. Unfortunately, that police presence is not available on the weekends ( Fri, Sat & Sun) when the vultures are here in force to take advantage of neighborhood and the dispatchers run out of cars to handle assignments.
    Still waiting for all that extra help promised by the alderman. Tom ? Tom ? Are you there ? ? ?

  4. I'll be interested to see if things calm down once summer ends, or if this will become a year long problem. As I've said in the past, "The homeless youth stay home in the Winter," but this other element that has swept in on their wake is probably going to become more of a year round presence.

  5. I'm working for the company doing CPD background checks. Hopefully help is on the way.

  6. 3000 more police sounds great. Not sure where we will get the 300+ million dollars to pay for them though.

  7. I never found the legit youth coming up to hang & check out the scene to be a major problem.
    Certainly there were instances I could hardly stand their shrieking excitement and crowding the sidewalks. That wa still tame compared to discovering them having sex on my porch.
    I've always maintained that the true criminal element followed the surge in young South Siders, who may at times themselves been crimininals of opportunity and probably more often, victims themselves. The gutless thugs who saw the chance to blend in among the kids.
    This trend grew over several ummers, while generally calming down in the winters

  8. Plenty of money for these luxuries.
    Let's see, how about for starters:

    - $50 million for Wifi on Beaches
    - $100 million for a Depaul Stadium on the South Side.
    - Take away Rahmy's Limo, and let him buy his own Ventra card to use on the Brown Line.

    1. Don't forget $55 mil for Maggie Daley Park, $97 mil for expanded bike lanes, and money for red light/speed cameras, flower boxes in the medians on Lawrence Av.

  9. So let['s add it up:

    $50 million for Wifi on Beaches
    $100 million for a Depaul Stadium
    $55 mil for Maggie Daley Park,
    $97 mil for expanded bike lanes
    $302 million.

    So that's where "Not sure where we will get the 300+ million dollars to pay for them" has gone.

    Rahm is sure where he got that money: by axing 3,000 police positions.

    Anyone who landed here from another planet would think a 12 year old was mayor.