Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LOOK FAMILIAR?: Rifled Purse Found In Alley, Is It Yours?

A CWB reader and pretty awesome neighbor writes,
I found a purse today in the alley behind Aldine. It was empty and it appeared that someone had rifled through it and stolen anything valuable.
 It's an orange leather Tyler Rodan purse. There's [deleted] attached to it.
Scattered on the ground were [deleted]. There was also a business card from [deleted]. 
I called the district 19th phone number and was told to throw it away since there was nothing valuable. But, I figured I'd at least attempt to track down its owner. I put a posting on craigslist's lost & found.
We have cropped "something" out of this picture. If you can identify the "something" in detail, we will put you in contact with the person who found it.  Drop us a line via the comment box below (we will not publish your message) or by the email address atop the right hand column.

Alternatively, you can check Craigslists' lost & found section. There is a posting on there as well.

Thanks to the CWB reader who thought to contact us.