Friday, August 02, 2013


Remember. When calling 911, it is important to give the most accurate description of the offender as possible. Just like our neighbors in Uptown do:

1 August 2013, 7:37PM
DISPATCHER: We got drinking on the public way at 4400 North Sheridan being called in by Alderman Cappelman. He says 6 to 7 are drinking on the public way.
OFFICER: 10-4.

1 August 2013, 7:40PM
DISPATCHER: Okay. Now we've got an intoxicated woman arguing with the alderman at 4400 North Sheridan. She's a female, black, she's . . . uh. . . okay. . . she's missing an eye. . . uh, missing an eye. . . uh. . . she has a red hat on backwards and she's walking toward the Jewel with a fifth of vodka in her pants. Uh. . . okay. . . now it says she is a man dressed as a woman. Man dressed as a woman, uh, blue shirt, gray jeans and, uh…and the vodka is between her legs inside her pants. One eye.

1 August 2013, 9:33PM
DISPATCHER: Hey, [Unit], that lady with the red hat and one eye is at Sheridan and Montrose. She's drinking at the northbound AND the southbound bus stops!