Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LIGHTER SIDE: Safe And Sorry

W.H.Thompson over at put together a couple of "Safe Passage" sign ideas just for us.

It would be nice to have no-robbery/no-beating streets declared around here. But, given the "success" of the original program, maybe we'll just risk it....

Monday evening's quintuple shooting in Uptown was smack in the middle of a "Safe Passage" zone. Just over a week before that, a man was shot dead, seemingly underneath the "Safe Passage" sign itself (below).

WHT's site provides detailed analysis of the city's ongoing homicide problem and the police department's attempts to control "perception." Hop over.


  1. I just scratch my head wondering who's idea it was for signs? What are the sign going shoot at the criminals? I think Rahm must be smoking dope.

  2. It is unfortunate that the kids impacted by this are another media stunt by the Mayor's office.

    It is also unfortunate that the kids being moved from Courtney to Stockton can't march down past Rhambo's pleasant Hermitage hideaway. Complete with blue light cameras, sans the blue lights, and plenty of CPD to attend to his every whim, street side or alleyway.

  3. I implore all of you to start to attend the CompStat meetings that the Superimtendent has on Thursday's at 3510 S. Michigan in the media room. You can see first hand how inept this departmentmis run and what bully this guy is to all under him. I'm not trying to defend the Commanders who are all yes men but when one commander suggested that if he had more manpower he could address the issues that were being raised (manpower was down over 50 officers) he was launched from a far far northwest side district (5200 North/6000West) to the far far south side (almost straight south (6400 South/3400 West). Well needless to say no commander has ever brought up manpower shortages again directly to the superintendent. Only through YOU is there any possibility of seeing this issue addressed positively. If for anything else you'll leave shaking your head laughing at how YOUR department is run.