Sunday, August 25, 2013

HOME SOUR HOME: Victim Robbed 2 Blocks From His Apartment

A Lake View man was robbed of a phone and cash less than two blocks from his front door by a thug who implied that he had a weapon. The 1:45AM Sunday morning robbery occurred on Fletcher Street, about one block west of Racine.

The offender is described as male, black, in his mid-20's, 5'9" tall, 190 pounds, wearing a black durag, black zip-up hoodie, and jeans. He was last seen heading southbound on Lakewood Avenue.

CPD case #HW422587.


  1. FYI, this is in Waguespack's ward.

  2. what is going to happen when a victim tries to protect him/herself from an offender and the offender shoots the victim??? is Tom and police chief going to blame the victim...the victim should be smart and not fight back...what a joke

  3. It is in Waguespack's ward, a hop skip down Belmont or Barry from Chiraq insurgent held territory.

    Cinnabun's scourge continues to spread westward. West of Ashland and you are literally on your own.

    Fuck this.

  4. ^^ This is exactly what I said. Fuck this place and fuck Rahm, and fuck Tunny.

    I lived in Lakeview on and off for a long time...years actually. I moved to the Belmont area on May 1 2011, and right after Memorial Day, everything went to hell...robberies, stabbings, fights, crowds blocking the sidewalks, people yelling all night long, it was awful. They had a big CAPS meeting where literally close to 1000 people showed up, but when we tried to talk about the issues, we were told that we are racists for not wanting to be robbed in our own neighborhood.

    When Spring 2012 rolled around, and it was time to renew my lease, I had a choice to stay or to go help my family in another state; I chose at that time to go help out my family in that state. I got my employer to transfer me to that state and I am still here. I do not advocate people moving out, people need to stay and fight for the area...but I had to do something. I could not stand to live in the area anymore, paying $2200 a month but couldnt leave my apartment at night. The alderman wouldnt help, the mayor wouldnt help, the bleeding heart "social workers" in the area wouldnt help and instead, called us racists...I said fuck this, and moved. If I didnt have family (elderly parents) that were asking for my help, I would have stayed and fought (although I would have found a different apartment in the area that wasnt right in the War Zone and right where all the noise is etc).