Sunday, August 25, 2013

GUN BUST: Pistol Pulled At Halsted/Belmont, Arrest Made

A motorist called 911 at 4:50 this morning after someone put the undesirable end of a 22-caliber handgun in his face at Halsted and Belmont.

The gunman, a black male wearing glasses and black shirt with white shorts, was last seen walking westbound toward the Belmont L station.

As officers spoke with the caller at Belmont, one of the officers saw a man matching the gunman's description approach the intersection. That man was stopped, searched, and taken into custody at 4:59AM.

Well done, officers!


  1. Wonder how Spin and Lucky Horseshoe are faring given they are in ground zero in all of this ?

    I used to think nothing of walking back alone at 1230am to the hotel. The good old days. I wouldn't even do that at 12:30pm today.

  2. I head McJersey had a new police strategy. The Safe Passages signs have worked so well. He is going to place cardboard cutouts of officers all over Wrigleyville and Boystown that will give the residents more police presence they have been promised. People it's all perception crime is down.

  3. clearly these offenders do not live here and after reading all these posts it seems they rob people and go home via L or car. from midnight to 6am there should be cops at the L stops waiting for this offenders and have DUI stops. After a robbery and description is sent it, these cops can be on the lookout for these offenders trying to leave lakeview.

  4. Great. You can't even DRIVE through the area at night. I'm done with anything south of Foster.