Monday, August 26, 2013

GUITAR ZEROES: Thugs Strip Roscoe Victim Of Valuables

CWB received an email today with information about a robbery that we had not previously reported. The time, date, and location align with an incident that was confirmed by city data last week.

At 1:45AM on August 7, three offenders strong arm robbed a man of his wallet, cash, $90 flip phone, and a Gibson Maestro guitar on Roscoe near Lake Shore Drive.

There aren't any alleys on that block of Roscoe, so the victim couldn't have been strolling through the alley. He had an entry-level phone, so it's doubtful that he was targeted for "flashing his phone around."

The thugs saw a guitar and decided to go for it and everything else this man had. They're probably trying to start a band, right?

This is something to keep in mind. An increasing number of robberies in our area are targeting people who are just going about their business. Despite our police commander's speeches to the contrary, hardly any of the victims are targeted while waving iPhones as they stumble through darkened alleys. BTW, we don't recommend walking through alleys, but alleys are not where people are being robbed in droves. Sidewalks are where people are being robbed in droves.

Last week, three guys were hanging out on their front porch on Briar Street when three other guys (plus one handgun) walked up to them and took everything they had.

A week ago, a woman was robbed while walking her dog on a Monday morning.

And so on. The offenders are becoming bolder and they're after anything that is of value, not just phones.


  1. Thanks, as always, for the update. Since Tunney/police/Rahm are all quite dishonest in their presentation of facts, your site is one of the few places we can rely on for true information.

  2. Thank you all so much for reporting actual crime without emotional bias that allows unreported crime exposed on other sites to be dismissed.

    You are doing an amazing job and eventually the other outlets in town are going to have no choice but to also report on this wave of criminality.

    You are taking civic duty up ore than a notch. You rock!

  3. It seems to me that when the Commander mentioned about staying out the alleys, he also said something to the extent of "be aware of your surroundings" which to me means anywhere..

  4. Anonymous said...
    It seems to me that when the Commander mentioned about staying out the alleys, he also said something to the extent of "be aware of your surroundings" which to me means anywhere..
    Hi Anonymous,

    The commander's statement was, "Frankly individuals are robbed walking through alleys, not paying attention to their surroundings," according to ABC7's video and web site.

    The commander does a great disservice by framing this as a problem that lurks in alleys. There is no reason for him to give front row attention to the 7% of robberies that happen in alleys other than an attempt to marginalize and minimize the problem, to make the public feel, "oh, I don't go into alleys, so I'll be okay."

  5. Let's be real here. Yes, you can be robbed of your shoes or your shirt while walking home from Sunday brunch. But there is an increased chance of you being robbed if you're walking down the street, late at night, with your eyes glued to your smartphone. A very high percentage of those who have been robbed in Boystown/Lakeview have been victimized under those circumstances. So there are some things that smart people should do if they want to decrease the risk of being robbed.

  6. The commander's statement is so outrageous and so blood-boiling. Typical of the democrat political system gripping Washington and most large US cities - government by obfuscation and manipulation while crushing dissent under the subterfuge of straw-man creation. If this is how things will continue in the future, it should be obvious to all this city will go the way of Detroit.

    Many may not know this but the few, surviving dominant service industries in Chicago rely upon the greater Midwest for its customer base. And it's beyond obvious the greater Midwest is, for lack of a better phrase, "in deep hamburgers."

    The twilight of Chicago may yet be seizing us but this shameful absurdity called a city government may be hastening our demise.

    Fuck you Rahm, fuck you Tunney - I'm leaving as soon as I can.

  7. I went to UC in Hyde Park from 2004-2008 and things seem a lot worse here in Lakeview than they did down there.

  8. 5 yr Lakeview ResidentAug 27, 2013, 9:43:00 AM

    In response to Tom M. and other commenters on other posts,

    While I do generally agree with you, it is frustratign and disheartening when people zero in on the alleged cause of the majority of strong armed robberies occuring late at night, when it's dark, in an alley, when a person is lookign at their iphone, when a person is not paying attention to their surroundings, and/or any combination of the aforementioned.

    Based on my background, which is investigations, I am constantly hyper vigilant at all times - whether I'm taking my dog for one of his multiple daily walks, jogging on the lake path, walking to public trasportation, etc. I also did not walk down an alley, it was light outside when the offender approached me, and I did not have my phone out at all; in fact, I only took my phone out to call 911.

    Again, I while do agree that there are numerous variables that contribute to an increased likelyhood of someone being robbed, I strongly believe that no matter what an individual is doing, where they're walking, or how vigilant they are will stop an offender from perpetrating a crime. There's many things people can do to lower the risk of being victimized, but there's no magic combination of actions or elements that will ever prevent a crime from being committed.