Thursday, August 15, 2013

DAILY TICKER: Thursday August 15

The CWB Daily Ticker is a dashboard of the most up-to-date robbery statistics possible for our neighborhood over the past year, 5 years, and 10 years.

As we've often said, our problem did not spring up overnight. It has built and built over several years. Simply comparing this year to last year misses the huge increase that we saw in 2011 and 2012. The dashboard shows the bigger picture.

Our source is the city itself, with robbery data taken from the City of Chicago Data Portal. The city quarantines crime data for 7 days, so "year to date" information is actually for the year ending one week before the Tracker date.

The complete list of 2012 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2008 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2003 robberies is here.

Beat ranking information is from the Chicago Police Department web site.

Our standard statement regarding historical data applies:

The city quarantines crime data for 7 days.

The CPD realigned our area's police beats in March 2012. The lines that divide Chicago police beats literally run down the middle of their shared streets and it is not possible to know with certainty which side of a street crimes were reported on before March 4, 2012.  In order to maintain consistency across all years, we have included all robberies that were reported on both sides of the border streets (Irving Park Road, Southport Avenue, and Belmont Avenue) in our calculations. As a result, our post-March 4, 2012, stats may vary slightly from official records.

Also, note that very recent crime data may fluctuate slightly as crimes are investigated and recategorized. These fluctuations settle out fairly quickly.


  1. Great news, Lake View! They just stripped another Tact Team to make a Clark St Detail. Just make sure you link up with uptown update to see how that goes in the next few months for them!

    1. Officer, this is not the place to whine that you can't wear your blue jeans and have to suit up and maintain a visible presence, respond to calls, etc. you would have been on mid nights anyway with your time on the job. Take some pride in your job and prevent robberies from occurring. Oh and make sure that you check off at 5 and put a full 9 hours in so that your fellow 1st watch officers can finally get some relief. This strip as you cal it should have happened months ago at the first hint of an increase. There are guns and dope on Clark St. that can keep you just as busy. Or is that not why you wanted to be on tac in the first place, being the hard charger that you are?